Sports Story player reveals secret level where developers claim they were overworked

Published: 2022-12-30T17:08:55

Updated: 2022-12-30T17:09:09

A Sports Story player discovered a secret level where the developers revealed they were overworked while making the game, as the Switch exclusive was plagued with bugs and glitches at launch.

Nintendo Switch owners were excited when Sports Story, the sequel to 2017’s Golf Story, was announced for a December 23 release date.

Developer Sidebar Games had revealed the sequel about a year earlier, but kept fans quiet for quite some time until it was released just before the new year.

Unfortunately, the game launched with tons of glitches that made the game almost impossible to play. Now one player has uncovered a secret level that may explain why the game launched in such a horrible state.

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Sports Story’s Secret Level Reveals Developers Were Overworked

YouTuber Tendog posted a video on their channel showing how to access the secret ‘dev room’.

Tendog enters Len’s store and pushes a handful of boxes around giving them access to outside the store, where they run through multiple different areas of the game, eventually entering the hidden development room.

The man at the entrance welcomes you to ‘Cold Cartridge’, the developers of a game called ‘GALF’. He explains that the developers are currently on a “forced hiatus”, explaining that they have been going through a “troubled development” with their new game.

Another developer agrees, saying, “You could also say that someone kept asking for new features and my original vision no longer exists.” Another in the bottom right corner adds, “You could even venture to say that we should have made the game work instead of adding features.”

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It’s clear that the developers in the fictional games studio are mimicking what actually happened with Sidebar, which launched Sports Story in a glitchy and buggy mess.

Maybe developers were asked to add more features to the game instead of just consolidating what works, making it way too ambitious with simply not enough time in the oven. Hopefully, for those who have purchased the game, there will be a patch soon to fix the various glitches.

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