Star Citizen patch 3.17.2 comments: Siege of Orison, 100 player cap, database stipend

. Last updated: July 29, 2022

Star Citizen patch 3.17.2 is here with the new dynamic event, Siege of Orison, a per server player limit boost, and a database allowance that will ease the pain of wiping the update. Here are the full notes.

While players await the full release of the highly anticipated game from Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games, they’ve been given a great preview of the title’s Alpha flight that has given them a deep look into the title.

Building on what they have so far, the developers are bringing a series of new additions to Star Citizen along with a new event for people to explore and an anti-aircraft vehicle to try out.

Not to mention the initial introduction of AI Planetary Nav Mesh to take the game’s combat to a whole other level, as well as an increase in the number of players who can inhabit a server at the same time. This is what changes as part of Star Citizen patch 3.17.2.

Star Citizen Siege of Orison

The Siege of Orison has landed in Star Citizen and it will be accompanied by Jumptown events that players will have access to over the next two weeks.

This time around, the gameplay will be more geared towards FPS fans with battles taking place in a brand new location, Crusader Industries’ corporate sales platforms.

Players will have to liberate the platforms from the Nine Tails outlaw group by defeating four of its lieutenants and eventually its commander.

New player limit increased to 100

The galaxy is opening up to even more players per server with Star Citizen’s new 100-player cap that will scale the battle even further.

Cloud Imperium warned players that there could be stability issues with the new player cap, but it’s all part of the process of creating the game’s expanded scenarios.

There’s plenty to look forward to in the Star Citizen 3.17.2 update, so check out the full feature list in the patch notes below, courtesy of CIG.

Star Citizen 3.17.2 Patch Notes

Siege of Orison Dynamic Event

  • In this new dynamic event, the Nine Tails outlaw group has taken control of Crusader Industries’ corporate sales platforms by imposing a no-fly zone to prevent airborne access. The Siege of Orison takes place in an all-new location on four sprawling, highly detailed platforms that, when combined, provide a massive area almost equal to that of its own landing zone. The event focuses primarily on FPS combat, where players work together to help Crusader Industries regain control of the platforms and disable the inverter device by taking out the Nine Tails Lieutenants on each platform to emerge the challenging Nine Tails Commander to get.

Server capacity for 100 players

  • The maximum number of players on a server has doubled from 50 to 100 players! This increase adds new emerging gameplay for large group activities, including space battles, races, and more. This is the next step towards implementing Server Meshing as CIG continues to work on ongoing network and stability improvements.

New Abandoned Reclaimer POI and Missions

  • A new expired Reclaimer POI has been added to microTech for players to explore, with new mission types and loot. The new location will support the AI ​​Planetary Nav Mesh, allowing the introduction of combat missions with NPCs. An additional expired Reclaimer has also been added with three new custom mission types.

Abandoned Colonial Outposts

  • Recently shown to the Star Citizen community in a development livestream, the outposts are finally ready for pilots to explore! Five derelict colonial outposts have been added to the Stanton system, with their design based on the farms first showcased at CitizenCon 2021.

AI Planetary Navigation

  • The first iteration of the Planetary Navigation Mesh is now live, allowing NPCs to navigate the varied terrain of planets and even land dropships to deliver troop reinforcements. The technology will serve as the foundation for future content planned for star burger.

Anvil Centurion

  • Take control of the skies with the Anvil Centurion, now available to drive in-game! This short-range anti-aircraft vehicle houses both the pilot and a dedicated gunner and features four energy weapons with unlimited ammunition to dominate the local airspace. A must for any combined force, the Centurion provides essential support for ground forces.

Illegal Delivery Missions

  • By expanding the existing courier and delivery missions, whole new illegal variations have been added to the game. Once players have established a reputation as a reliable business partner carrying out legal missions for outlaw factions, they will have the opportunity to pursue a career transporting illegal goods. These missions offer greater rewards, but come with additional risks of being banned by security forces or encountering other criminal players who want the illegal goods for themselves.

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