Starfield dev update makes Fallout fans jealous with 250,000 voice lines

published: 2022-10-12T20:21:21

Updated: 2022-10-12T20:21:43

Starfield will have over 250,000 lines of dialogue, more than double what Bethesda Games Studio’s last game Fallout 4 had.

Behind every classic Bethesda RPG are thousands of lines of dialogue, spoken by some of the best voice actors in all games and entertainment. Dialog often forms the backbone of the company’s hugely popular games, and for Starfield, arguably the most anticipated game in all of 2023, nothing changes there.

The game will become the company’s biggest by a huge margin, and now, according to some newly revealed stats, it will have more lines of dialogue than any game the company has made for it.

player runs through the city in starfieldBethesda

Starfield is arguably the most ambitious Bethesda has ever attempted.

Starfield gets over 250,000 lines of dialogue

Director Todd Howard answered some big questions about Starfield and explained how the game’s dialogue will work.

Howard explained that Starfield is going back to a “classic Bethesda-style dialogue,” meaning the camera is in portrait mode, focused on the people you interact with, like in the company’s early games, such as Oblivion.

Additionally, Howard confirmed that there will be over 252,000 lines of dialogue in the game. For perspective, Fallout 4 had a total of 110,000 lines of dialogue, meaning Starfield will be double that.

Starfield will also feature a speech persuasion system that will give players points based on how well-spoken, underhanded and knowledgeable they are.

With so many lines of dialogue already in the game, and possibly even more on the way before the game’s official release, Starfield is sure to wow Bethesda fans eagerly awaiting a meaty RPG to sink their teeth into.

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