Team HisWattson Wins $50k Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Showdown 4: Results & Recap

. Last updated: July 27, 2022

Twitch Rivals and Apex Legends have teamed up for a new installment of their hit tournaments, with a $50,000 prize pool at stake. This time it was rising star HisWattson and his gang who took the top prize – here’s how it went.

With Apex Legends Season 13 rapidly coming to a close, fans of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale haven’t been long before the developers shake up the meta again with a round of legend buffs and nerfs.

As the ALGS takes a back seat with the season over, it creates space for community-run events — which is exactly what happened with Twitch Rivals NA Showdown 4.

With $50,000 at stake, 60 big names in the Apex and wider streaming space battled it out for some decent cash. And while some may say he was snubbed in Raleigh, HisWattson took it home with his team—Extesyy and Keon—after two wins in the lobby.

The squads of TiffaJessi and Verhulst rounded out the podium, with big names like iiTzTimmy, Albra Lily and former TSM star Snip3down in the top 10. As for the CEO of Apex Legends ImperialHal? He finished 10th with HusKerrs and Xednim.

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Twitch Rivals AFTER Showdown Final Placements

Twitch Rivals AFTER Showdown 4 teams

Like any other Apex Legends event, Twitch Rivals NA Showdown 4 consisted of 20 trios competing in the Apex Games. These squads will be made up of popular streamers.

A full list of teams can be found below.

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