Team Liquid and Alienware Revolutionize Industry Standards for Esports Athlete Training with Launch of The Pro Lab

Team Liquid and long-time partner Alienware launch The Pro Lab, a groundbreaking global training program. This initiative aims to quantify and analyze key cognitive skills that characterize a successful esports athlete, transform the professional training experience and establish new industry-wide practices. Until now, professional esports training has been based on disparate game-specific data and rudimentary KPIs. Team Liquid and Alienware saw this as an opportunity to develop an approach rooted in quantifiable game agnostic data, focusing on cognitive skills synonymous with peak performance in the competition, such as anticipation skills, divided attention, emotional regulation, automatism and more. The Pro Lab is a premier training space backed by esports science, fundamentally changing not only the way these athletes train, but how they grow and evolve along with the industry.

Team Liquid and Alienware plan to eventually release findings in an effort to democratize the data and insights to encourage industry-wide adoption of new best practices. The partners also plan to make the Pro Lab available to selected students and academic institutions for additional research to continue improving training protocols. “Team Liquid has always been committed to putting its players first,” said Steve Arhancet, co-CEO and co-owner of Team Liquid. “The Pro Lab, in partnership with Alienware, is the next phase in that evolution. Our main focus will be to work smarter to empower our players to learn about themselves, their habits, their strengths and areas for improvement so that we can continue to grow and compete at the highest level.”

“Over the course of the past decade, the core of this partnership has always been a shared desire to empower and improve not only Team Liquid athletes, but the industry in general. The Pro Lab is an extension of that,” said Chris Saylor, Alienware Marketing Director. “Supporting Team Liquid and taking this groundbreaking journey with them is what Alienware is all about and we look forward to what’s to come.”

The Pro Lab is powered by premium equipment from Alienware and Dell Technologies. Some of the award-winning and best-in-class technology includes:

  • The Alienware Aurora R13 and Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitors.
  • A specially configured Dell Precision 7920 workstation, which processes large amounts of real-time reports in AI applications and runs 6 Alienware 25 gaming monitors simultaneously.
  • A Dell PowerEdge R740xd2 server for maximum uptime for data-intensive workloads.
  • Team Liquid’s performance scientists and analysts will use these high-performance systems to run BrainsFirst’s Neurolympics software, establishing a primary baseline for each athlete.

To identify critical areas of growth for Team Liquid’s competitive teams, the key cognitive tests will be classified into four main categories: attention, memory, control, and anticipation. From there, this testing technology ecosystem will enable the ThePro Lab team to collect and analyze valuable data, change training approach where necessary and ultimately help players optimize their performance through this scientific program of testing, research and education.

“Like the development of our training facilities, we believe The Pro Lab will create a stir in the esports industry and beyond,” said Victor Goossens, Founder and Co-CEO of Team Liquid. “There are core skills we look for in every successful competitor, and this program will help discover new universal guidelines and KPIs that we hope will one day serve as industry-wide benchmarks when it comes to player training. “

With the holistic use of Alienware and Dell Technologies hardware, BrainsFirst software, and supporting aXiomatic Gaming’s wealth of sports performance expertise, this comprehensive program will uncover fundamental insights that will drive the next generation of esports training.

The Pro Lab will be integrated into the larger Alienware training facilities in Utrecht, the Netherlands and Santa Monica, California, which are also undergoing major renovations.

Alienware supports Team Liquid’s 110+ athletes and 120+ support staff on five continents by providing advanced gaming PCs, monitors, headsets, peripherals and a range of Dell Technologies solutions that deliver the technical power needed to to perform at the highest level. Together, Alienware and Team Liquid launched two Alienware training facilities, which set the standard for multiple organizations to follow, have won numerous championships, become leading industry advocates and continuously work to foster a culture of inclusion and accessibility.

Via: Team Liquid

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