Teardown shows the Apple M1 Ultra chip is 3 times bigger than the AMD Ryzen CPU

With the M1 Ultra, the Mac Studio is Apple’s latest and most powerful desktop computer for small factories. Though small, the latest chip is nothing short of a full-fledged silicon chip powerhouse.

A detailed teardown reveals what’s going on in this powerhouse with 128 GB of memory. Thanks to the UltraFusion Technology, this smart Multi-Chip Module contains two M1 max dies that are attached to each other. It is undoubtedly a powerful package with strong performance shown in video encoding, but it cannot be tested with gaming workloads. With a pair of 10-core CPUs and 32-core GPUs, the chip offers a total of 114 billion transistors and is on par with some of the most high-end desktops on the market with RTX 3090 graphics.

The M1 Ultra starts at 4,000 USD for the most basic unit with a 64 GB memory and a 48 core GPU. The fully packaged M1 Ultra costs USD 5,800. The Mac Studio may not receive regular updates; however, maintenance is possible and recommended by an authentic service provider.

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