The 2-in-1 Case-Mate Fuel Charging Stand for iPhone and Apple Watch is $22 off

The Case-Mate Fuel Charging Stand gives both your iPhone and your Apple Watch a boost in one convenient package. Today it has fallen to just $77.61 from its original $100 price on Amazon.

Case-Mate Fuel Charging Stand for iPhone and Apple Watch

Still charging per device using the included adapter and cable? You are missing out on the benefits of a multifunctional charging stand. There’s less clutter and you don’t have to hunt for the right cables every time you want to refresh your device. In the case of Case-Mate, the dual charging stand offers wireless charging via magnetic technology.

Green and red LED lights on the front give you status, while it’s also certified to charge quickly via Qi technology. You can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, and even while using your smartphone in portrait mode.

Do the environment a favor with a travel-ready accessory made from recycled materials. With a discount of $22, be sure to buy the Case-Mate Fuel 2-in-1 Charging Stand today!

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