The Apex Legends leak reveals that the “hardcore” Call of Duty style LTM is coming soon

Published: 2022-12-08T10:34:47

Updated: 2022-12-08T10:34:57

A new leak from Apex Legends hints that a beloved Call of Duty-style “hardcore” mode is coming to Respawn’s title as a battle royale LTM.

Apex Legends LTMs are nothing new, and Respawn is eager to shake up the established BR formula in some creative and engaging ways. Season 15, for example, has brought back the beloved Winter Express LTM for the holiday season.

New leaks come from a reputable data miner ThordanSmashpoint out that another new LTM will soon appear in Apex, inspired by rival FPS franchise Call of Duty.

Apex Legends Leak Reveals ‘Hardcore’ BR LTM Coming Soon

In a December 8 tweet, the leaker revealed that a hardcore battle royale is coming to Apex Legends.

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In this LTM, players would not have a HUD and would only receive a base shield. Looting will also be much more difficult, with rare items being expensive. Gold items don’t appear at all (except Hop Ups).

They said “Apex Legends Leak: Hardcore Battle Royale no HUD, only white shield, less ammo drops, less health items, no gold except hop-ups, bullets also do a little more damage.”

The mode takes a lot of inspiration from Call of Duty’s Hardcore mode, a reduced health mode that attempts to more closely mimic real combat. In this mode, players’ HP are drastically reduced, they have no HUD, no minimap, and there is always friendly fire.

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Ironically, there’s no hardcore in Modern Warfare 2. Instead, the playlist has been slightly repackaged as Tier 1.

The big difference is that the hardcore LTM in Apex Legends will reportedly be part of a battle royale LTM, unlike the fast respawn multiplayer that CoD is known for.

No information was provided about a release date either. However, since it’s now open to speakers, the addition of the LTM shouldn’t be too far off.

Naturally, this information remains unconfirmed until it is made official by Respawn or EA. Players can get excited about Respawn’s plans for Apex Legends ahead of Season 16, which kicks off in early February.

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