The Aquarium PC concept is now on sale!

Fans of PC builders have been trying to achieve the aquarium concept for far too long. While the idea seems simple enough, it’s certainly challenging to work out the technical details. The idea revolves around building a computer in an aquarium by submerging it in mineral oil or other suitable non-conductive liquid. The mineral oil gives a cool atmosphere, but is not only aesthetically good, it also helps to keep the heat away from the components.
This is the main inspiration behind the Rock Pi X aquarium that you can make yourself. PC chassis manufacturer MetalFish has fully mastered this idea and has submerged a live fish tank with a built-in computer case.

This is not entirely new territory for MetalFish. Before that, they had a similar concept when they worked on their Fish Cube case. Honestly, that wasn’t a wow factor with just a custom acrylic tank with a small PC on the side. However, this new MetalFish Y2 tank is definitely a great piece. At first glance, you may not even immediately notice that it is a computer. The company’s product images show an RGB cooling fan popping out of the mesh, but not noticeable to the aquarium. Even the two USB-A ports on the front and the power button don’t seem too noticeable.

The aquarium has a capacity of 13.5 liters, which means that it can easily accommodate a few small fish. However, it is wise not to overload the aquarium. You should have some basic knowledge about the condition and temperature of the water and go slow.

MetalFish is now moving forward with computing component capabilities, confirming support for micro-ATX and mini-ITX cards. The chassis can also easily support graphics cards up to 220mm in length. However, the company advises to keep it limited to 200mm so that there is no conflict with the case fan. The chassis can support a single 2.5-inch drive bay, so PC builders may want to stick with motherboards that come with a hefty M.2 drive capacity to meet their storage needs.
Those who want to build their PC aquarium need to import the chassis from China. It is currently available for USD 60.

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