The Best TFT Set 7 Compositions in Patch 12.17b: Top Meta Builds

TFT Set 7.5 is here and there is a lot to learn in these Uncharted Realms. The meta is still in flux in the Convergence, but we’ve got you covered with the best compositions you need to try on patch 12.17b to restart your ranked grind.

After three months of Dragonlands, it’s time for players to explore Uncharted Realms in TFT Set 7.5. The Mid-Set update introduced a ton of new units and augments, and the meta is definitely shaking.

It’s a lot to take, but we’ve got you covered with a meta guide to some of the best compositions in Set 7 – from TFT patch 12.17b.

It’s always best to play flexibly around your items and Augments, but these builds are the most consistent in achieving Top 4s and wins so you can climb the ladder as quickly as possible.

Best TFT Set 7.5 Compositions in Patch 12.17b

Darkflight Cannoneer

Example darkflight gunner board in tft set 7.5LoL Chess

If you’ve been in a lobby after TFT patch 12.17 went live, you’ve probably spotted a few Darkflight Cannoneer players. The build, which uses the new trait plus Aphelios as a carry, decimates the meta because of how easy it is to hit.

You don’t have to worry too much about star levels on your units (although it helps, especially on your Darkflight units). All you need is your core of Rell and Aphelios – preferably two of each, so Double Trouble is great – some more damage with Cannoneers and Cavaliers for the front line.

The Darkflight health bonus is negligible, but you will want to share items with your team. What better item for a Cannoneer comp than Zeke’s Herald, which increases the attack speed of your entire team when distributed among the Darkflight units?

If you build Graves as your main carry because of this with Aphelios secondary carry, you will have a lot of damage threats. All tank items go on Rell of Hecarim to stay alive, but in reality most teams will not survive the first blow of this strong Darkflight Cannoneers board.

Guild Xayah

Example guild xayah board in tft set 7.5LoL Chess

It’s back. After being one of the best builds in Dragonlands, Guild Xayah has returned to the TFT Set 7.5 meta with a new look. Uncharted Realms may have gotten rid of some of Xayah’s friends, but two new additions have catapulted her back: the love duo Rakan and Jayce.

There are two variants of this board. The most common is squeezing in Shyvana late game for 6 Ragewing along with Hecari, Rakan and Xayah. Pretty much all items will work on Xayah, but for 6 Ragewing you probably won’t need Guinsoo’s Ragewing, so swap it out for more damage like Infinity Edge.

The second plate brings Idas into the mix. This is a great option because it is cheaper and if the Shimmerscale item is good you can grow a lot of gold. You’ll miss out on the Rawwing attack speed bonus though, so make sure to give Xayah Guinsoo’s.

Jayce can hold both tank (with Ragewing vertical) and AP (with Guild vertical) items, and you have a super strong front line with Hecarim and Sejuani as Cavaliers. Add Twitch and Bard to the equation and it’s a well-rounded board that will consistently make it into the top four if you hit.

Olaf Reroll

Example olaf reroll board in tft set 7.5LoL Chess

It’s not just Xayah getting her encore in Uncharted Realms, as Olaf breaks back into the meta too. The composition is not much different from what was present in Set 7, but now in TFT patch 12.17b he has another sidekick in Pantheon.

Instead of building mainly in 4 Scalescorn (although possible), you’ll want to pair Olaf with 4 Warriors like Pantheon, Yone and Yasuo (early Wukong) and Sylas for 2 Whisper. Splash in Lillia and Zoe for Mage and Scalescorn and you have a very strong board.

Whisper is great for the Olaf board because it shreds enemy resistances meaning it can cleave through it. Pantheon also does a lot of damage while being incredibly tanky, especially when spec’d with Bloodthirster and Titan’s Resolve.

You can play different verticals of this. Assassin Olaf is still very strong, so don’t be afraid to play that if you hit an emblem, but it’s much harder now. 6 Warrior variants with Augments are also possible. For the most part, though, this will be your plate. Remember to roll slowly at level 7 for Olaf 3 before pushing too far into the higher cost units.

Cavalier Daeja

Example cavalier daeja plate in tft set 7.5LoL Chess

Since Lagoon and Astral are both a bit mediocre – especially at higher ranks – the only AP representation in the TFT patch is 12.17b tier list for Cavalier Daeja. It’s another recurring comp, but with some twists.

With the rework of Daeja moving towards TFT Set 7.5, the Mirage Dragon puts much more emphasis on AP. This makes hitting big gusts a must, and spec with Jeweled Gauntlet/Infinity Edge isn’t a bad move. It also makes Spellsword Mirage much more valuable.

The rest of the board is pretty typical. Nunu acts as your main tank with Ionic Spark and Warmog’s Armor for tankiness and magic resist shred, while pushing for 6 Mirage with Yasuo and Yone is fun too. Working out the rest of the front line with Rell, Sejuani and Hecarim is a solid board.

However, you can opt for other variants like playing Idas and Leona for Guardian frontline as you don’t have to worry about Dragon stacking anymore. 8 Mirage, especially if it’s a good offensive variant, is always a great choice too.

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