The Division is reportedly getting a Battle Royale to rival Warzone & Apex Legends

. Last updated: July 23, 2022

Ubisoft is apparently working on a battle royale for their IP The Division, with an industry insider claiming that Hyper Scape’s failure has prompted video game publishers to revert to a previously shelved idea.

The gaming community has been innovated and overrun with battle royales since Fortnite exploded in popularity in 2017. Since then, we’ve seen it join hugely popular BRs like Apex Legends and Call of Duty’s Warzone.

One title that didn’t capture players’ imaginations in a similar way was Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s futuristic battle royale that came and went within months.

However, the company’s hunger for a successful battle royale seems to have remained and as they pump more resources into The Division IP, new information appears to be their latest attempt at breaking into the genre.

Ubisoft Insider Claims The Division BR Is In Development

Speaking on his Game Mess show, insider Jeff Grubb claimed that the suspended battle royale for The Division was taken off the proverbial shelf following the failure of Hyper Scape.

“Codename Reaper is a standalone battle royale from The Division,” he said. “Last year it was suspended after some bad player impressions, but now Ubisoft has started it again because they shut down Hyper Scape. They really want a successful battle royale. Rework is a big word, it’s more of a re-tooling with rogue like features.”

When Hyper Scape collapsed, Ubisoft promised to learn from the game’s mistakes and invest their lessons in future titles. It seems that the battle royale formula was not considered a flaw, but an execution.

It fits in with Ubisoft’s recent trends, with The Division Resurgence already confirmed as an upcoming mobile title.

They’ve also committed to supporting The Division 2 in its fifth year, much the same way Rainbow Six Siege is going strong in its seventh year since launch.

Whether a BR along the lines of The Division will be successful is another matter, but as Fortnite, Apex Legends and Warzone continue to dominate the F2P gaming scene, Ubisoft seems poised to take up the gauntlet.

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