The next generation of Medical Alert devices is 41% off

iLounge has a special deal for the LutiBand Smartwatch, which gives you an always-connected medical device on your wrist.

LutiBand smartwatch

LutiBand is an advanced medical smartwatch designed to function without the need for a smartphone. It has an international 4G SIM for location tracking, calls and emergency services, as well as biometric sensors to check for blood oxygen, body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure.

The smartwatch also has useful features such as medication and scheduling reminders, a digital medical ID and the ability to see audio and text messages. It is the first wearable with first-responder integration and shares Apple Watch solutions for fall detection and activity tracking.

LutiBand Smartwatch – The next-generation medical alert device normally costs $169, while at iLounge we’re giving it away for just $99.99. You get a whopping 41% discount with our deal. Discover the potential of LutiBand today!

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