The next Qi2 charging will get MagSafe support

The WPC, or Wireless Power Consumption, revealed today that the next generation of Qi wireless charging will feature Apple’s MagSafe technology.


Qi2 charging is a unified wireless charging standard with Apple’s MagSafe charging support. Qi2 has a Magnetic Power profile and devices that support Qi2 charging have the same technology as the MagSafe profile. To date, MagSafe is present on the iPhone 12 models and later.

Magnetic Power Profile has the same ease of use as MagSafe: users experience optimal alignment with minimal effort when placing their devices on the charging point. At the same time, the stand will charge faster and more efficiently. In line with this, the WPC said the updated standard will “pave the way for significant future increases in wireless charging speeds”

The Qi2 charging standard is expected to launch in 2023, while devices that support it are expected to debut in the same year.

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