The promised app for classical music from Apple is not forthcoming

Despite promises to launch a dedicated classical music app in 2022, Apple fell through with the plan.

Classical music app

Apple announced the acquisition of Primephonic, a classical music service, in August 2021, alongside a statement that the company will launch an app for it. In a press release, the Cupertino-based company said that Apple Music will combine Primephonic’s user interface with more features. Apple has since gone dark with no announcements about when it will happen.

Primephonic shut down in September 2021 and users got Apple Music for free for six months. If the dedicated app were to be launched, it would serve as a replacement and offer streaming classical music to those interested.

There were references to the classical music app in an Apple Music Android beta, as well as on iOS 15.5. There were also references within Apple’s servers. However, Apple has not yet announced an official launch of an app.

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