The Slopes app now has action button support

Snowboarding and skiing app Slopes has added support for the action button in the Apple Watch Ultra.

Support for action buttons

Ski enthusiasts can now set a function on their Apple Watch Ultra Function button via the Slopes app to start a snowboarding or skiing session. The app automatically collects the user’s location when a session is started and all they have to do after that is press the action button.

The action button can be customized by going to the smartwatch settings, with various functions such as starting a dive, activating a flashlight, adding a compass waypoint, starting the stopwatch, starting a training or opening a user-created shortcut. Currently there are only a limited number of apps that work with the action button, with Slopes and Strava leading the way.

Slopes is available as a free download on the App Store and has a day pass subscription and a premium subscription if you want access to all features.

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