The WoW player’s custom mount is so good fans want it in Dragonflight

A World of Warcraft player has created an insane custom mount that is so impressive that fans want it in Dragonflight.

WoW’s next expansion, Dragonflight, is not far from its official release. While many dedicated MMO players are preparing for the next expansion, others have created their own custom content for mounts they would like to see added to the Dragon Isles.

Now one fan has gone the extra mile and created a mount so ridiculous that Blizzard may have to go ahead and include it in the expansion.

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Dragonflight is scheduled for release in 2022.

WoW player creates custom montage for a move

Reddit user Fishbones06 posted their custom mount on the WoW subreddit, which shot straight to the top of the page.

The mount is a “Player housing mount” called Walking Cottage. The Walking Cottage is a house brought to life, with monstrous legs sprouting straight from the ground.

The description of the mountain reads: “Don’t you love your neighbor? Pick up and travel the world in your mobile home to find the perfect place to settle down.”

The post launched to the top of the subreddit with over 4,500 upvotes. Fishbones then uploaded another incredible mountain they created, this one called Walking Hut.

The Walking Hut is just as majestic and beautiful as its predecessor, it was shot straight from the desert.

WoW fans in the comment section called for Blizzard to add these massive mounts to Dragonflight.

One of them said: “I think this would be really cool as a new taxi. Like it has a fixed path and you can do other things while it moves. That way you don’t have to drive it and it gets where you need to go. This just looks great too!!”

Another in the comments claimed that these moving houses were related to Elden Ring monsters.

While it’s unlikely Blizzard will add these mounts in the next expansion, it would bring some Elden Ring flare to the popular MMO.

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