TimTheTatman Outlines “DMR 2.0” Warzone Weapon After Big Season 5 Buff

YouTube streamer TimTheTatman has outlined the recently buffed M1 Garand as Warzone Season 5’s “DMR 2.0”, claiming that the Vanguard sniper rifle is the perfect weapon to use as Warzone 2 gets closer.

Warzone Season 5 marks the final season of the Vanguard era, with Activision and Raven choosing not to drop a sixth season of content before Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

The update changed masses to the CoD Battle Royale and seemed to want to give the meta one last mega shake-up before being taken over by the sequel.

One of the weapons Raven has surprisingly polished up was the Vanguard M1 Garand, a semi-automatic sniper rifle that, despite being a classic of the CoD franchise, has barely impacted the Warzone meta.

However, it saw recoil decrease by 33%, muzzle velocity increase by more than 13% and a large number of weapon attachments were also strengthened.

TimTheTatman Claims M1 Garand Is “DMR 2.0” In Warzone Season 5

As a result, it’s one of the strongest weapons in Season 5, at least according to TimTheTatman. The hugely popular YouTuber outlined his intent and reasons for using it in a September 2 video.

“We have the DMR 2.0,” he said. “Many of you probably remember the DMR in Verdansk and how good it was. Well I found one… It doesn’t feel as strong as the DMR when it was broken, but after the nerf when it was still viable – it reminds me of that. ”

The DMR dominated Verdansk in a way few weapons have, leaving Raven heavily nerfed. While it hasn’t made a comeback like some other meta weapons, its spot in Season 5 is being filled by the M1 Garand.

Tim also outlined his class setup, making the most of the 10 attachments allowed on Vanguard weapons and maximizing range, damage, and accuracy:

  • End of a loop: MX damper
  • Walk: Cooper 25″ Custom
  • Optics: SVT-40 PU scope 3-6x
  • Stock: Chariot S3 TC
  • benefit: hardscope
  • advantage 2: at hand
  • Rear handle: dotted grip
  • Magazine: 30-06 30 Round Stomachs
  • Ammunition: extended
  • Underflow: Carver Forgrip

Once the M1 Garand is locked up as the primary player, all players need to do is choose a close-range weapon to ensure they don’t get caught off guard.

Tim chose the PPSh-41, another classic from the CoD series that proves to be exceptionally strong in Season 5. If you don’t like that, check out our recommended Armaguerra 43 class lineup.

With either ready for short ranges, the M1 Garand allows you to rip through enemy armor at those medium to longer ranges.

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