TimTheTatman slams Warzone 2 over lightning-fast TTK: “This game is a mess”

Published: 2023-01-04T00:13:59

Updated: 2023-01-04T00:14:35

TimTheTatman has pointed to Warzone 2’s TTK as a major reason he prefers the original battle royale over the new edition, going so far as to say that the game in its current state is “in shambles”.

Warzone 2 has proven to be as divisive as any other video game in recent memory and streaming juggernaut TimTheTatman believes it all comes down to the game’s overall time-to-kill.

In a Jan. 3 video on his channel, Tim shared how he feels about the current pace of gameplay, and he went so fast that he felt the need to add a disclaimer that his frustration stems from “a place of love and that he wants Warzone 2 to be “as good as it gets”.

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TimTheTatman blows up Warzone 2’s TTK

The mini rant took place during one of his classic spectator streams. In these matches, he dies as quickly as possible to be placed in the spectator menu and observe how everyone plays the game.

After witnessing one too many “blink of an eye” gunfights, Tim opened up about how demoralizing he finds the whole WZ2 experience, pointing to a popular TikTok video of ultra-talented pro-gamer Aydan dying faster in this game then people died to the infamous DMR in the original game.

“I dare say the first thing everyone in the Warzone community agreed on was the DMR, that the weapon was too strong… He had a third of a second to try and react to being shot,” he explained.

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The YouTube star tried to get off topic and confirm plans to stream the game with his close friends NICKMERCS and Cloakzy later in the week, but he was quickly put back on full steam after watching the random player who he was watching absolutely obliterate an enemy with the Vaznev-9K.

After his editing team slowed down the footage, the gunfight was determined to last 0.41 seconds from start to finish, emphasizing the point he was already making.

To conclude, Tim continued that it feels like the developers “hit the wrong button” when setting the player’s health totals this time around, especially after the big Caldera update that increased overall health in Warzone 1 just months ago for the release of the sequel.

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As mentioned earlier, public opinion on Warzone 2 is divided in a major way and incidents like this make it clear that Raven Software won’t win back many of the game’s biggest streamers without making some serious changes to the Al-Mazrah experience .

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