Top Pokemon Cards to Get from the Sword & Shield: Lost Origin Expansion

The Lost Origin expansion includes some powerful Pokemon TCG cards and will expand the stunning Trainer Gallery with a third wave of illustrated additions.

The Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield expansions have sparked excitement among collectors and players alike in recent years. From the introduction of powerful VMAX mechanics to stunning collectibles in the Shining Fates expansion, the demand for Pokemon TCG merchandise is astonishingly high right now.

The upcoming Sword & Shield Pokemon TCG expansion, Lost Origin, is currently releasing on September 9, 2022, and will bring with it another large card list. Like previous sets, there will be standard V, VMAX, VSTAR, Radiant, and Trainer Gallery cards for players to draw.

However, there are a handful of particularly rare, powerful, or visually stunning cards that stand out as top Pokemon TCG draws for the Lost Origin expansion.

How big is the list of Lost Origin cards?

The last few Pokemon TCG expansions have been quite big thanks to the addition of Trainer Gallery cards. While the official chart list for the UK release is not yet available, a comprehensive list based on the Japanese releases via pokebeach gives an idea of ​​what will be included.

Below are the five best cards to get from the Sword & Shield: Lost Origin TCG expansion.

5. Rainbow Rare Kyurem VMAX

Pokemon TCG Lost Origins Expansion Rainbow Rare Kyurem VMAX

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Rainbow Rare Kyurem VMAX

Rainbow Rare cards are always a great draw when opening a Pokemon TCG pack. However, this Rainbow Rare Kyurem VMAX is not just beautiful. With a powerful set of moves and a low amount of energy cards required to perform the 120+ primary attack, it will boost both collections and competitive decks.

4. Gold Rare Giratina VSTAR

Pokemon TCG Lost Origins Expansion Golden Rare Giratine VSTAR

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Gold Rare Giratina VSTAR

Like Rainbow Rares, the Golden Star (or Golden Rare) cards in Pokemon expansions are highly sought after. While it won’t come in with Kyurem’s HP or accessible attacks, the card’s stunning holo image and rarity will likely make it an expensive card for collectors. It is also a big draw for fans of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus game, where Giratina is one of the main Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon TCG Lost Origins Expansion Trainer Gallery Eternatus VMAX

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Trainer Gallery Eternatus VMAX

Trainer Gallery cards have made the last three Pokemon TCG expansions especially special. These cards function as normal Pokemon cards in matches, but feature unique art of the Pokemon featuring an iconic NPC from the franchise.

In this Trainer Gallery map, the powerhouse Legendary Eternatus is hiding behind Sword & Shield antagonist Chairman Rose. While certainly a disturbing map, Eternatus is both an iconic draw and a boost in TCG gameplay.

Pokemon TCG Lost Origins Expansion Trainer Gallery Pikachu VMAX

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Trainer Gallery Pikachu VMAX

Few Pokemon NPCs are as striking as Red and Blue from the original Kanto-based games of the Pokemon series. The Trainer Gallery Edition of Pikachu VMAX is breathtaking, with Pikachu towering behind Red as he prepares for battle. This map will no doubt be an exciting draw for longtime Pokemon fans.

Pokemon TCG Lost Origins Expansion Trainer Gallery Charizard

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Trainer Gallery Charizard

While not a VMAX, VSTAR, or holo rare, this card is the must-have of the Sword & Shield: Lost Origin Pokemon TCG expansion. Charizard is one of the most outstanding and valuable Pokemon of the TCG. Each iteration of the map can be sold for a good profit, and these special Trainer Gallery maps will probably be no exception.

Plus, this Charizard lovingly snuggles up to Galar’s famed champion Leon, who will steal the hearts of any Pokemon fan — even if Charizard isn’t a personal favorite.

While the true value of each card won’t be known until after the launch of the Sword & Shield: Lost Origin Pokemon TCG expansion, it’s worth noting some of the best pulls available in the set.

Those eager to get their hands on these awesome cards will want to make sure their pre-orders are set for September 9 or plan to hit the local card stores early to score a few boosters when they launch.

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