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Hogwarts Legacy let players indulge their fantasy at Hogwarts in the highly requested Wizarding World RPG, so here’s everything we know about the game so far, from the trailers, plot to multiplayer and gameplay features.

A number of leaks and rumors spread around the internet about what is now known as Hogwarts Legacy before its official reveal at Sony’s PS5 Showcase Event in 2020. Since then, we’ve had a full gameplay reveal featuring the Sony 17, 2022, Sony State of Play. -event.

The game is something Harry Potter fans have been clamoring for for years: experiencing the life of a Hogwarts student in great detail.

Here’s everything we know so far.


An image of the Hogwarts Legacy Cauldron Spell
Warner Bros. Games

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to become a young witch or wizard enrolled in Hogwarts.

Is there a release date for Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is currently scheduled for Holiday 2022! At the end of the Hogwarts Legacy reveal, the presentation concluded with a screen indicating the release period for the title.

Previously, some eagle-eyed fans spotted a small, inadvertent update from publisher Warner Bros, hidden in an interview with Toy World Magazine.

Fans on Reddit were quick to break the news, revealing that Hogwarts Legacy would be the Wizarding World’s “second major release of 2022”, with an apparent date landing after the next Fantastic Beasts episode, which is scheduled to hit theaters on April 8, 2022.

There were also previous delays in early 2021, which was tweeted about by the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter on January 13, 2021. It was then pushed back to ensure that players get the best experience when releasing.

Even though Holiday 2022 is stuck, there is always the possibility of further delays for the time being.

Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

So far, Portkey Games has shown off the cinematic reveal trailer for Hogwarts Legacy, revealing the game in all its 4K, next-generation glory and, of course, State of Play gameplay.

Hogwarts itself is detailed to perfection, with its moving staircases, floating books and instantly recognizable hallways – although fans should expect some differences, given the 100-year time jump between Hogwarts then and the castle as we know it.

Here’s the game’s debut trailer.

After a long time without anything really concrete, fans had put their fears and doubts to bed after a full gameplay demonstration gave gamers a tasty, mouth-watering first look at the game.

Here’s the full Sony State of Play gameplay reveal for Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer?

Hogwarts Legacy will no multiplayerinstead, it will be a story-driven single-player experience.

According to the official Q&A for the game: “Hogwarts Legacy is a single player experience and has no online or co-op gameplay.”

What is the Hogwarts Legacy plot about?

The first thing you notice about Hogwarts Legacy is that it is not set in a time period that the Potter books or movies have explored in the past. Instead, it takes us all the way back to the late 1800as described on the game’s official website.

“Your character is a college student who holds the key to an ancient secret that threatens to tear the wizarding world apart,” the website reveals. “You are admitted too late to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and soon discover that you are no ordinary student: you possess an unusual ability to perceive and master Ancient Magic.”

As the full gameplay reveal reveals, you will start in your fifth year of Hogwarts as a latecomer and despite the presence of the sorting hat, you will choose your house† In addition to your usual grade, your character will also face the threat of evil goblins and outside wizards with bad intentions.

Given the time period, there will be no mention or appearance of Harry, Ron, Hermoine or other popular characters from the well-known books/movies. So it is really time for a whole new adventure in the wizarding world of witchcraft and sorcery.

player who wants to hold night in hogarts lehacy
Warner Bros.

It’s going to be so cool to have a full Hogwarts to explore.

What do we know about the features of Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy aims to provide players with a robust set of features, from create their character before you jump in a huge open world with many familiar locations and creatures. Hogwarts Legacy, unveiled by Bloomberg on March 3, 2021, will also allow trans-inclusive characters to be created by players in the game.

Here are some things players can expect in Hogwarts Legacy.

Visit famous locations

Ever wanted to see the full size of the Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw common room? Well, if you’re assigned to one of those respective houses, you’re allowed to do that. Not only that, locations like the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade Village will be included, along with other environments not previously considered or seen in Harry Potter.

Make your own wizard or witch

We’ve already seen a lot of different faces, hairstyles, colors and much more that you can go through to create your perfect student. Customize your witch and wizard as they will appear in many cutscenes throughout the game.

Crossing on a broomstick

Players can “master broom flight” and explore a wide variety of settings flying high in the sky. Hogwarts Legacy seems to be a gigantic proposition, meaning you will have plenty to explore and find secrets.

We haven’t had any official confirmation that Quidditch will be included, but since we have full flight mechanics, we’ve already seen the Quidditch pitch, and the sport plays a big part in the franchise, we’d expect it to get its own full reveal later on.

Learn as a student

Would it really be a year as a Hogwarts student unless you attended the requirements? Yes, classic Defense Against the Dark Arts and Herbology lessons are on the menu for players to participate in and learn. There will be tons of potions and spells for students to learn and master.

Take part in deep battles

Combat will be one of the core features of the game. With pesky goblins, evil wizards and a variety of other hostile creatures, it is imperative for players to adapt and learn how to handle different combat situations. After all, these dark wizards and goblins will too kill you If necessary.

Get started with the right RPG elements

Hogwarts Legacy is packed with typical RPG qualities, meaning you level up, improve your spells and gear, and generally improve your character as the game progresses.

An image of Hogwarts Legacy showing a student with a dragon
Warner Bros. Games

Hogwarts Legacy brings some amazing beasts to the game, including what looks like dragons.

With a morality system also in place, it’s up to you to craft the story as you learn magical spells, tame magical beasts, and explore the iconic Hogwarts castle.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Exclusive to PlayStation? Platforms

Despite some concerns that Hogwarts Legacy will be a PlayStation exclusive. the Harry Potter game is going to be a multi-platform release

Hogwarts Legacy will be on most platforms for budding witches and wizards including: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

An image of the Hogwarts decal in a Hogwarts hallway in Hogwarts Legacy
Warner Bros. Games

Hogwarts Legacy looks like it’s exactly what Potter fans have been asking for.

That’s all we know about Hogwarts Legacy so far. Hopefully it will help expand the story of the Potter universe further than ever before, especially with the brand new time period.

Given the setting in the late 1800s, we might be lucky enough to see some familiar faces if they are particularly old. While the game is far enough from the Harry Potter storyline to retain its individuality, it will still maintain a sense of familiarity for fans.

Hogwarts Legacy has already received massive fan reactions on social media, which hopefully can continue for its lifetime after the game’s release. Harry Potter fans have been desperate for a good, open-world game from the series for years, and this just might be it.

So there you have it – that’s all we know about Hogwarts Legacy. We will update this page as we get closer to launch.

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