TrueGameData explains why ZRG is Warzone’s ‘King’ sniper after Kar98k nerfs

Warzone expert TrueGameData has laid out why the ZRG 20mm is the new ‘King’ sniper in Season 3 as the once meta Kar98k and Swiss K31 continue to decline in popularity.

Players continue to adjust to the Warzone Season 3 update, which came out on April 27 and was the biggest meta-shock we’ve seen since the Vanguard integration in December.

Among other changes, it has significantly weakened most sniper rifles, including the dominant Kar98k and Swiss K31. Both had essentially removed their one-hit abilities, meaning players have been pushed to slower, more cumbersome snipers that dodged big changes.

With many players looking for a new long-range meta sniper, Warzone expert TrueGameData has weighed the debate and believes there is a clear winner.

KAr98k is used in Warzone

The Kar98k has dominated Caldera since launch, but has fallen dramatically in recent weeks.

In his May 7 YouTube video, Warzone’s data expert outlined Black Ops Cold War’s ZRG 20mm as the clear “king” of Warzone snipers.

He highlighted the weapon’s monumental damage, but also some of the features that set it apart from Vanguard competitors.

“The ZRG is perfectly stable when you’re flying, perfectly stable when you’re firing,” he explained. “It has the best bullet velocity, it has a very high rate of fire, so you can complete your downs very quickly. There’s virtually no argument for using any of the other one-shot-kill snipers.”

TrueGameData’s Best ZRG 20mm Expansion in Warzone Season 3

He also outlined his go-to build of the Cold War sniper, which is detailed below.

  • End of a loop: Packaged Suppressor
  • Walk: 43.9″ Combat Reconnaissance
  • Laser: SWAT 5mw laser vision
  • rear handle: Elastic wrap in the air
  • Magazine: 5 Round Mag

Players will also need a sniper support weapon, with TGD highlighting the Volk as its current go-to. Its medium-range capabilities make it ideal for those firefights where a sniper isn’t appropriate, and gives players the best chance of winning.

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