TSM Teases Apex Legends Fans With Epic Legend Skins Ahead Of Season 15

published: 2022-10-15T21:00:39

Updated: 2022-10-15T21:00:59

Esports organization TSM FTX took to Twitter to tease fans with mock-up skins for Apex Legends ahead of the ever-approaching Season 15 launch.

Apex Legends fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks as ALGS preseason qualifiers are in full swing and Season 15 is approaching.

Plenty of professional teams are no doubt preparing for ALGS, such as TSM who recently hosted the TSMFTX Apex Legends Invitational.

Now, TSM has teased Apex fans with some sleek mock-up skins used for the Invitational’s promotional art, possibly suggesting they’re officially coming to the game.

TSM teases Apex Legends themed skins

The plague comes from the official TSM FTX Twitter accountwhich showed a render with TSM themed black and white skins for several Legends.

In reality, all skins are just palette changes of existing Legendary skins, such as Octane’s Sonic Boom skin and Seer’s Envious Attitude skin.

Still, white and black skins with bright red accents are certainly stylish and would probably be a welcome addition to the game by TSM fans.

“We’ve waited forever for this,” said Twitter user Auscii. ID card [buy] the whole set without a doubt.”

This wouldn’t be the first time skins based on pro Apex Legends have been added to the game.

In July 2022, Respawn even added several skin recolors based on teams such as TSM, 100 Thieves, and Team Liquid in celebration of the ALGS Year 2 Championship.

While not all of the skins suggested by TSM could come into play, there’s still a chance someone will get it if we are to believe recent leaks.

According to Apex Legends leaker KralRidno, Respawn plans to add more themed skins for ALGS, with a skin very similar to Octane’s TSM shown in the leak.

While these leaks have not been confirmed at the time of writing, fans looking forward to supporting TSM with a stylish Octane skin may be in luck.

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