TSMC to build more Taiwanese facilities for 3nm chips

Chip manufacturer TSMC plans to build four more facilities in Taiwan’s Tainan Province to bolster its 3-nanometer chip production.


Nikkei Asia reports that TSMC is looking to expand production to address the chip shortage around the world. The company plans to build $10 billion facilities in Taiwan to manufacture 3nm processors.

After setting up four new factories in Tainan as part of its endeavor, TSMC plans to begin construction of four more. The $40 billion cost would be part of a $120 billion investment package.

All four facilities are believed to contain the 3nm chips, including Apple’s A-series, Silicon, and SoCs. The project is part of a larger factory to build additional production structures in the country. In similar news, TSMC stated that it will have two nanometer chips ready for mass production and use by the year 2025.

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