Twisted Fate mains celebrate as League devs tease “great” visual update

Twisted Fate, one of League of Legends’ most iconic mid-lane mages, is getting a massive visual update in an effort to modernize his base model and a host of other skins.

Riot Games has been hard at work in Season 12 to bring visual updates to some of Summoner’s Rift’s older champions. They represent an overall effort to improve visual clarity in League, a game that is now over 12 years old.

Some of the champions who have received VFX updates so far include Leona, Elise, and Vel’Koz.

Now one of the coolest characters in the much-loved MOBA is in for big changes.

twisted fate
Riot Games

Twisted Fate was released in 2009.

Twisted Fate gets visual overhaul from League

On May 10, Riot revealed that Twisted Fate was due for a visual update to all of its abilities.

Included in the update is an all-new auto-attack animation, which is just as snappy as before, but now the cards he throws are much brighter and even curved in the air like a real card would.

The blue, red, and yellow cards Twisted Fate picks all have new card art and much larger icons when he shuffles through them with his W ability, Pick a Card. On impact, each card now has a brand new animation that shows its effects. The blue card reveals a mysterious eye, the red card explodes with an area of ​​effect damage, and the yellow card chains an opponent.

His ultimate ability, Destiny, now has a fully updated eyeball that appears over each of his opponent’s heads when active.

In addition to his base skin, nine other skins will be updated as part of the changes.

Here are all the skins getting an update:

  • base
  • Magnificently
  • Mid-day
  • underworld
  • wallet
  • blood moon
  • pulse fire
  • odyssey
  • DWG
  • Crime City

TF mains was elated to see The Card Master get some much-needed love, with one player calling the Magnificent Twisted Fate changes “amazing”.

Another player in the official Riot feedback thread said, “This is a dream come true.”

The update is currently being tested in LoL’s public beta environment, and no official release date has been announced yet. The update may reach live servers along with the release of patch 12.10.

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