Twitch Bans Doja Cat From Streaming Her ‘House Party’ Game Over ‘Sexual’ Content

Doja Cat will appear in an upcoming DLC ​​pack for the popular point-and-click adventure game ‘House Party’, but she won’t be able to stream it after Twitch decided to ban the title.

Grammy award winner Doja Cat will participate in House Party, a controversial sandbox game later this year, in which players interact with party goers. Sadly she can’t play it, at least not on stream.

House Party was originally banned on Twitch in 2018 and has since gone through a number of changes to achieve an ‘M’ rating by the ESRB. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to make Twitch change its mind when the studio, Eek! Games, have resubmitted their cancellation request.

Dexerto spoke to the CEO of Eek! Games, Bobby Ricci, to discuss the ban, his relationship with Twitch and double standards on the platform in terms of allowed content.

Doja Cat house party
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Doja Cat can’t play her own game on Twitch.

Twitch Bans Updated Version of House Party

According to Ricci, House Party has gone through a series of changes since it was banned in 2018.

“We had to replace some scenes that were a bit too spicy with new ones that are more along the lines of what you’d find in games like The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077,” he said, noting that both titles are allowed on Twitch. . “It’s a double standard that House Party is not allowed on Twitch in its current state.”

Ricci also doesn’t think the game should have been banned in the first place, with the sexual scenes Twitch has a problem with “less than 5% of the game’s content.”

“We’ve worked hard to bring our game in line with the ESRB ‘M’ rating guidelines, and we have the same rating as many other games currently streaming on Twitch without any issues,” he added, citing scenes from Grand Theft Auto 5 and South Park: Stick of Truth as examples.

Eek! Games CEO blasts Twitch hot tub stream “double standards”

“The game is said to have been banned because of the romantic scenes in the game, which lead them to interpret the game as being too ‘sexually oriented’. Please note, the scenes in question do not contain any explicit representation of nudity or sexual content,” explains Ricci.

“Twitch, meanwhile, has an entire section of their website devoted to ‘pools, hot tubs, and beaches’, mostly women who hang out in their living room in bikinis in inflatable hot tubs and solicit donations from viewers.

The infamous “hot tub meta” on Twitch was a big deal in 2021, with many streamers taking advantage of the content and growing their channels significantly.

Hot tub of the house party
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House Party has been banned on Twitch for a few years now.

“Twitch is fine with presenting this content in its own category on the site, but a video game (which should be Twitch’s primary focus) that contains sexual themes cannot be streamed. It’s a double standard. Sex and nudity make up less than 5% of House Party’s gameplay. The game is a comedic adventure and most of the gameplay doesn’t involve nudity or sexual situations, but these “Hot Tub streams” on Twitch literally focus on these women’s bodies as the primary content.”

Despite his criticism, the CEO clarified that he has no quarrel with hot tub streams, but simply wants House Party to be treated fairly.

Doja Cat is not allowed to stream House Party

Finally, Ricci mentioned the fact that Doja Cat won’t even be able to stream her own game on Twitch.

“While we have communicated to Twitch that Doja Cat herself has expressed an interest in playing the game on Twitch, they have made it clear that they will not allow her or anyone else to do so,” he explained.

The singer’s Twitch streams have been quite successful in the past, so the fact that she can’t play a House Party has left the Eek! Games CEO pretty nervous.

house party gameplay
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House Party has been given an ‘M’ rating but is still banned from Twitch.

“Over a million copies of the game have been sold to date, we have an official ‘M’ rating from the ESRB, and a Grammy award-winning artist joins our game’s cast.

“What more does Twitch want?” he popped. “Times are changing and Twitch is still living in the Stone Age with their prudish attitude. Plus, as I’ve shown above, they’re wildly inconsistent with enforcement, which makes all of this even more embarrassing for them. We just want to be treated fairly and we don’t think it’s too much to ask.”

House Party’s Doja Cat DLC is still set to launch in Fall 2022, but given the ban, fans may have a hard time finding content creators willing to play it.

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