Twitch Streamer Beats Elden Ring With Dance Pad After 66 Hours

Elden Ring has been thwarted by a dedicated Twitch streamer who beat 53 bosses on his way to completing the game with just a dance mat.

Millions of players normally found the challenge of completing Elden Ring too much, but as always, some people are brimming with talent, like the player who knocked over the infamous Malenia boss with just one hand.

There are always different and imaginative ways to crank up the difficulty in a Souls game and up the ante even further, and Twitch streamer MissMikkaa recently proved this by completing a commemorative run with just her feet on a dance mat.

Elden Ring beaten with a dance pillow

“One day later and the Dance Pad All Remembrances Run is complete! This was a fun challenge! It was difficult at first (Died from Soldier of Godrick), but after a while I got the hang of it,” said the streamer after taking this tough test.

She seemed rather cool, calm and collected as she battled the game’s final boss – the Elden Beast – and despite a big blow from the boss, she was able to defeat the big enemy and complete the game.

The Remembrance run requires a player to defeat the 15 big bosses with Remembrances, but Twitch streamer Jake Lucky let people know that many more bosses were defeated during the marathon journey.

“Absolutely unbelievable, Twitch streamer @MissMikkaa has completed its Elden Ring Remembrance Boss run… with a dance mat 53 bosses, 13 days of streaming, 66 hours of gameplay and 1 broken dance mat later. GGWP.”

You would think MissMikkaa would be pleased with her performance – but apparently not!

the streamer tweeted told her fanbase that she was trying the “Dance Pad Level 1 Challenge,” meaning there’s plenty of unfinished business for the streamer with Elden Ring.

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