Two-hour LCS Playoffs break in TSM vs Evil Geniuses sparks controversy

The LCS series between TSM and Evil Geniuses was plagued with technical issues. And the frustration of the breaks sparked controversy on Twitter between TSM and EG.

TSM has been in hot water lately between the investigation into the organization’s owner, Andy Dihn, and LoL coach Peter Zhang, who is involved in a massive scandal.

Despite all the organizational side for TSM, their LoL team has managed to get pretty far into the Playoffs. However, in the wake of some serious technical issues, TSM’s head of global social, duncEvil Geniuses fired shots during this intermission.

What caused the pause?

It was an audio issue for both teams, and despite wanting to try and play through the break according to Artemis, a member of EG, Riot officials refused and forced the long hiatus.

Dunc tweeted Evil Geniuses, but with pause marks in the organization’s name, followed immediately by tweeting “what an absolute joke” and calling EG a “dog water organization”.

He went on to tweet, “There’s a reason you only get 3 timeouts per half in the NFL.”

caster MarkZ tweeted from the studio during the break to denounce Dunc’s tweets about EG and to provide context and context for the situation in question.

Audio issues persisted for more than two hours into a hiatus forced by Riot officials and requiring multiple reboots of their entire system to resolve persistent audio issues.

However, the broadcasting talent did their best to keep everyone entertained during the hiatus. While the analyst desk kept the content rolling during the hiatus, CaptainFlowers kept the studio audience entertained in its own way.

Despite frustration from everyone involved, the broadcasting talent went to great lengths to keep everyone entertained during an incredibly long break.

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