Tyler1 demands Riot is nerfed “disgusting” Udyr in Season 13 of the League

Published: 2023-01-04T18:41:06

Updated: 2023-01-04T18:41:18

Twitch star Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp raged over the “broken” combination of Udyr and Prowlers Claw and demanded that Riot Games adopt the popular League of Legends strategy.

Season 13 of League of Legends is just around the corner and fans of the popular MOBA are preparing to climb the ranking ladder once again.

As another League season kicks off, Tyler1, the game’s most popular streamer, has been airing the game a ton ahead of the launch of the new season.

During a recent stream, he lashed out at developer Riot Games for not coming up with a specific combo he sees over and over again in his ranked matches.

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Tyler1 Explodes Udyr Prowlers Claw “Abusers”

Udyr got a major rework in Season 12, bringing him back to the forefront of the meta.

One item that became quite popular on the Spirit Walker was a full damage build around Prowlers Claw, a lethal item with an active ability that allows Udyr to jump directly on top of an opponent within close range of him. Combine his stun with a burst of auto attacks, and this one-off build has dominated the leaderboards for months now.

Since Udyr isn’t designed to be a one-time damage champion that can remove enemy health bars, players have become increasingly frustrated that the combo isn’t developed properly. Despite a previous patch slightly reducing his attack damage, it just wasn’t enough.

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During a stream on January 3, Tyler1 became an opponent playing Udyr that instantly killed his team’s ADC. Tyler said, “What are these disgusting, elo-bloated Udyr players going to do when they beat this giga-broken champ? That’s my whole problem with it, because when Riot leaves this kind of broken stuff, it takes them too long to find it.

He continued: “So these guys have no talent and are not good at the game at all, and they lock this point and click one-shot sh*t.”

Not done destroying Udyr players, Tyler ended with, “And Riot finally nerfs it months too late, and they just screw all the games all the way down, because they don’t belong in this elo.”

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While many players have ranked insanely fast while using Prowlers Claw Udyr in ranked solo queue matches, Tyler’s biggest complaint is that once it’s nerfed, these same players will drag everyone else down because their account’s MMR is well above their actual skill level will be.

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