Tyler1 grills Overwatch 2’s ranked system: “You shouldn’t be able to 4-stack”

Published: 2022-12-05T01:30:00

Updated: 2022-12-05T02:13:00

Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp is known as a ranked grinder in every game he plays. However, something irks him about Overwatch 2’s ranked system, which states that it’s not competitive if you have trios, 4-stacks, or full teams lined up against solos.

Playing ranked in a team game allows players to stand out from the crowd of gamers. This is a concept that Twitch titan Tyler1 knows well, as he’s managed to hit Challenger in League of Legends while lining up solo in every role.

However, he doesn’t have the same love for Overwatch 2’s ranked system. While playing the shooter on stream, Tyler1 expressed his concerns about the ranked climate for competitive games.

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His initial comments aren’t directed specifically at Overwatch 2, but at competitive games as a whole. But the Blizzard title is undeniably included in these blanket statements as it literally plays the game as it goes on a rampage.

“[Stacking in ranked] shouldn’t be in any game,” he said. “In any game, the ranked ladder must not have a duo queue / trio queue or anything.”

“The only excuse people can come up with is that it’s more fun to play with friends. But if it’s more fun to play with friends, many of these games have fun game modes. So pop the cap. If you want to play with friends, find time to play with them in other things.

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It ruins this sh*t bro. Okay, whatever, if you want to advocate for a duo queue, whatever. But you shouldn’t be able to stack four.

Tyler1 then makes comments aimed specifically at Overwatch 2, complaining about going up against a three-man as a solo queue tank.

“Every time I’ve played against it, as a tank player I get f**king sh*t. Like, I’m getting dumped,” he ranted.

“I get my sh*t shaken up because the enemy team is always one tank, one support, and one DPS. At least three piles. They blow me up right away.

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While Tyler1 offered no solution to the problem, his home game League of Legends could provide the answer. It features a solo duo queue mode, as well as a leaderboard flex mode for groups of all sizes.

Whether the same could work in Overwatch 2 is up in the air, but Tyler1’s opinion is not an isolated one.

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