Tyler1 rages against League’s most “broken” champion

Twitch star Tyler1 raged against his most hated champion in League of Legends, Kayn, after taking on The Shadow Reaper in back-to-back matches.

Tyler1 is known for his tantrums that include everything from the Riot Games balance changes to League of Legends itself.

He threatened to slam his monitor when the company talked about the state of balancing new championship designs because he barely made it to the company’s update on the MOBA.

Despite the many new champions that have been released over the years, there is one that keeps popping up that sees Tyler as the most broken over and over: Kayn.

Tyler 1 Tribute League of Legends
Twitch: Tyler1/Riot Games

Tyler1 has over 4.8 million followers on Twitch.

Tyler1 Explains Why Kayn Will Always Be The League’s Most “Broken” Champion

The 27-year-old streamer was live on March 22 when he lost back-to-back matches to Kayn players, nearly losing his mind.

Kayn chooses one of two forms for each match, depending on the kind of souls he collects from his opponents: The Darkin Scythe or The Shadow Assassin.

In the first match, he lost to Shadow Kayn, causing Tyler to explode: “Why does he get vision through the f**king wall! Dude, he can go through walls without cooling. Can’t you give him vision so he gets punished man! Unreal holy shit.”

Time starts at 7:35 for mobile users

After watching a replay of the match in which he continually called Kayn “broken,” he lined up for a follow-up match with yet another Kayn on the other side.

Despite wanting to dodge the match, he eventually played it out, this time against Darkin Kayn, resulting in a consecutive loss to the pick.

Tyler ended his thoughts on Kayn by saying, “Like I said, judging broken champions implies that Kayn is always on top. You just don’t involve Kayn in the discussion.”

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