‘Unable to Use’ Apple Card Issue Emerges

Apple Card users are finding that they can’t pay for goods or services because of an “Cannot be used” error in the Wallet app.

apple card

In an announcement, Apple says the best solution is to remove the card via the ‘Remove Card’ option and then add it back in via the Wallet app using the ‘plus’ button. The user must choose Previous Cards and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. The Cupertino-based company assures Apple Card users that transaction history will remain intact after adding the card back to the Wallet app.

At this point, it remains to be seen how many users will be affected. Apple has not shared any further details on the matter. Social media posts are now circulating on the world wide web regarding the error message.

Apple Card was launched in 2019 and remains a US exclusive. The card can be used through the Wallet app, although a physical card is given for swiping.

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