Valorant fans demand Phoenix buffs as “mediocre” cop continues to struggle

Valorant fans have demanded that the developers buff Phoenix as the “mediocre” British agent continues to struggle – causing headaches for those who choose to play him.

Phoenix currently ranks with one of the lowest win rates in Valorant at an astonishing 45.7% making the Duelist one of the weakest agents in the game.

Even more fuel to the fire, Phoenix has so far received no love from the best players in the world at Valorant Masters, as he has yet to be picked on the podium at the first international tournament of the year.

Now fans are demanding that the developers make critical changes to Phoenix in hopes of making the agent a viable choice again.

Phoenix Agent is holding a weapon in Valorant
Riot Games

Phoenix Current has one of the lowest win rates in Valorant.

In an April 20 Reddit thread, Valorant fan pooria09 lashed out at the developers, demanding that Phoenix be improved in the next patch.

The player explained how they can’t even get themselves to pick the agent when selecting because they claim they would be scolded by teammates for being so bad at the agent.

“It pains me deeply that I can’t even bring myself to pick my favorite agent because I know I would play worse and be called names for being so bad,” the fan said.

buff Phoenix in VALORANT’s next patch

“The problem with Phoenix is ​​he doesn’t have a niche, he’s a jack of all trades, except he’s not even good at it,” replied another player. “KAY/O does pretty much everything Phoenix does better and has even more usability on top of that,” she added.

I was always the most important to him and then Yoru fell off. Even when Yoru was bad, I played him more than Phoenix,” said one of them. “His gear is literally the mediocre version of everything right now.”

With changes expected to Jett in the next patch, there’s bound to be a stir in the meta – potentially making room for Phoenix changes that could push him back to his former glory.

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