Valorant pro zombs claims Riot took money from VCT event prize pool to cover costs

Valorant pro zombs claims that Riot Games took money from players’ revenue to cover additional operational costs for VCT live events.

In an April 29 stream, Jared “zombs” Gitlin claimed that Riot Games withheld money from the 2021 Valorant Champions prize pool to pay unexpected event fees.

While he didn’t go into detail about exactly what these costs were supposed to cover, he suggested that a significant amount of money had been recycled when the payouts arrived.

zombs claims that Riot Games took money from Valorant’s prize pool

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Riot Games

zombs and the rest of Sentinels would take home $20,000 on Champions 2021.

It all started when the former Sentinels starter shot down the idea of ​​adding Riot a Creator Code system to Valorant.

Gitlin insisted this would never happen, calling the Valorant developers “the cheapest company in existence” before accusing them of withholding money from competing earnings.

The streamer highlighted his team’s 9th-12th finish at Champions, netting them $20,000 in total, explaining how much was allegedly being withheld.

While the exact payout number was never made clear, Gitlin thinks it was much more than what hit his account: “It’s supposed to be $4,000 per player, and the organization takes a percentage that’s not that big, and my payout of that was $1,000.”

He also noted that his teammates also received a similar amount, which amounted to about one-fifth of what was promoted for the event.

Riot has yet to respond to these claims, but we’ll update this story as and when and if the company does.

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