Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt: Blood Resonances, best strains, how to get slots

As players descend through the streets of Prague in Vampire: The Masquerade’s battle royale, Bloodhunt, they’ll have to get used to the game’s Blood Resonances to push their chosen archetype to its limits. Here’s an overview of the best Blood Resonances for you.

Taking your first steps in Vampire: The Masquerade’s Battle Royale, Bloodhunt, is no small feat. You must be able to tackle the game’s fast-paced parkour, improve your aim to take out your enemies, and master your character’s individual skills.

To aid you in your conquest to dominate Prague, multiple items are scattered throughout the rain-soaked streets. From armor to layered weapons, blood packs to syringes, everything you need can be found on the ground or in vehicles.

Of course, there’s also the unsuspecting morals, who you can both feed on to recharge your health bar or earn upgrades that go into battle. These upgrades are the Blood Resonances, and here’s everything you need to know about them, including the best ones to get the most out of them.


Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt Blood Resonance Guide
shark mob

This man may or may not have been our dinner…

What are Blood Resonances in Bloodhunt?

As you start exploring Prague in search of fresh prey, you’ll notice that some NPCs are marked in orange (see above), pink, indigo, and aqua. This is because these people have a specific type of blood that your character upgrades† These are your Blood resonances.

By feeding them using ‘F,‘ (Remember to hold it in) you can add improvements to your character that can really make the difference between being alive and dead.

Bloodhunt: All Blood Resonances and Upgrades

All of the game’s various Blood Resonances can be found below, as well as their corresponding color and the benefits they provide you.

Blood Resonance Color Basic upgrade Level 2 Upgrade Level 3 Upgrade
choleric Orange Increases your melee damage by +10% +25% +50%
Melancholic Indigo Reduces your clan skill (E) cooldown by 10% -25% -50%
Phlegmatic aqua Reduces the cooldown of your Archetype Skill (Q) by 10% -25% -50%
Sanguine Pink Increases your health regeneration by 0.5 . per second 1.5 3

Importantly, when you nurture and receive a Tier 2 upgrade, this: upgrade replaces the original† So, for example, drinking two resonances of Sanguine blood increases Health Regen by 1.5, not 2 (1.5 plus 0.5.)

Best Blood Resonances in Bloodhunt

Your archetype makes all the difference in Bloodhunt, but it also changes which blood type you should focus on to get the most out of it. It’s worth maximizing one and then moving on to the other as the third level skills are incredibly powerful.

Below we’ve rounded up the best Blood Resonances for each individual class:

Class Priority Resonance Secondary Resonance
cheeky Indigo Orange
Vandal Orange Pink
Saboteur Indigo Pink
Prowler aqua Pink
Siren aqua Orange
Muse aqua Pink
enforcer Indigo aqua

How To Get More Resonance Slots

If you’ve decided to make it a little party, you’ll notice it pretty soon you can only record three Resonance slots at the start of your game† But don’t worry, because there’s a pretty fun way to increase your slots – it just involves a bit of murder.

To get more slots you need to: Destroy your enemies. You do this by finishing down enemies with ‘F.’ Hold it in, watch them wrestle, and viola! You have a new lock.

You can earn up to seven slots using this method, but the number of levels for each resonance remains the same† Make sure to max out the two above in that order, then insert your last point into one of the other slots.

So that’s it for Blood Resonances in Vampire The Masquerade’s Bloodhunt battle royale.

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