Vanguard players feel let down after ‘pathetic’ event oversight

The special King Kong vs Godzilla event in Warzone has left Vanguard players horrified and disappointed as they feel like they are not being served when it comes to these blockbuster crossovers.

It’s fair to say that Warzone has shaken up the CoD landscape well and truly. Before that, the annual focus was on delivering a steady stream of amazing content for whatever the most important Call of Duty game was at the time.

However, the March 2020 release of Warzone, Activision’s plunge into the battle royale market, kicked the franchise into a new gear. Insane Twitch viewership numbers fueled the Warzone craze as everyone flocked to Verdansk. The rise of in-game bundles and skins to score Warzone Victories opened up a new way to earn money.

As a result, there is a belief that CoD’s main games have struggled since then: Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard. The recent King Kong vs Godzilla LTM has been a mixed bag, but Vanguard players are jealous that Warzone got this shiny new addition, when they had nothing to shout about.

king kong vs godzilla war zone cinematic

Warzone event highlights Vanguard’s lack of attention

On the one hand, Warzone players faced off against two of cinema’s most iconic Kaiju in an epic battle, while Vanguard’s player base was totally overlooked.

In a heated post about the situation, one clearly frustrated player said: “Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we get anything new for the event except bundles? No new challenges? There was always something for the in-game events, both for Warzone and the current CoD. I know developers gave up on this game months ago, but it really feels like they spit in my face, we didn’t get a second card at the start of S3, battle pass is super meh, and now we can’t even get some more content for this event?”

It’s true that events like these normally allow players to complete custom challenges in both games that unlock cool Calling Cards, decals, and more, regardless of the themed event.

Reddit user Marino4K felt strongly about this, stating on the post, “It’s pretty pathetic actually. The developers have clearly all moved on to the next title and are trying to milk OG Warzone for as long as possible. Just for the record, I don’t have any bought bundles for this game, I think they all either put a little effort into it or are incredibly cheesy (the anime girls, weed stuff, etc.)

A comment from another post discussing how Vanguard seems to have come to the short end of the day said: “Vanguard is pretty much dead now, I wouldn’t feel like putting money and resources into the small * player base if they are not going to benefit from it.”

There are plenty of other comments that seem to support these general thoughts, and it raises some questions about Vanguard’s long-term future.

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