“Verified” Nintendo leaker claims Metroid Prime news is coming

Published: 2022-12-31T16:07:17

Updated: 2022-12-31T16:07:31

Mods of GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit are bound to believe a “verified leaker” claiming that Metroid Prime news is on the way.

In 2017, shortly after the release of the first generation Switch, Nintendo announced the highly anticipated fourth installment in the Metroid Prime series. At a total duration of 43 seconds, a spacey blue gossamer would form the number 4, followed by the number catching fire and sliding to the right, leaving room for the Metroid Prime logo to disappear into view.

Unlike the Edler Scrolls VI and Starfield teasers shown a year later, these simple logo reveals were enough to get hardcore franchise fans’ blood pumping. But after two years of radio silence, it would be revealed that the project had been handed over to Retro Studios, effectively turning back the clock in its development cycle.

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Once again, Metroid Prime 4 would be held behind an iron curtain, with fans wondering if their favorite female bounty hunter would ever return to the land of 3D gaming. But there are rumors that the silence will be broken in the near future.

Possible rumors of Metroid Prime 4 come from a “verified” leaker

These rumors come from a mod, Spheromancer, on the popular GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit. They claimed they were contacted by a credible user who accurately predicted — or leaked — the announcements for Skyward Sword, Wario Ware, Splatoon 3, and the title for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

“Three months ago, the day before Nintendo’s most recent direct, he DMed me this. before the Zelda title was even revealed,” Spheromancer stated, referring to a DM screenshot where the leaker stated, “Zelda fans will be crying tears from jor tomorrow.

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The user, Fun_Way_6592, has now released a new “creative leak”. He again went to Spheromancer’s DMs with the message, “Do you think everyone is prepared and ready?”

Spheromancer called this user a “verified leaker”, but corrected itself in the comments. “I realize that ‘Verified’ was probably the wrong word to use here. He has a virtually flawless track record, and I just meant that the previous times he ‘leaked’, that has been confirmed.’

While many would like to believe that news about Metroid Prime 4 is coming soon, others are skeptical and think we’ll hear news of a Metroid Remaster sooner rather than later.

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At this point, there is no way to prove the validity of these claims other than how accurate the user’s predictions have been in the past. We’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo has in store, if anything.

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