Victrix announces its Pro BFG controller for PlayStation and PC

Victrix is ​​known for producing high-quality PC and console gaming hardware, such as the Pro FS arcade stick released in August. Their products tend to be on the more expensive side, but the higher quality more than makes up for this higher price. As of today, the Pro BFG controller has been announced by the PDP-owned company.

The Pro BFG is compatible with PS5, PS4 and PC games thanks to a license from Sony Interactive Entertainment. Features include low-latency audio, full mod capabilities from within the Victrix Control Hub software, full wireless and wired connectivity, an interchangeable face with button inputs, and a total of four programmable buttons on the back (available on PC).

If you’re a player who doesn’t like where the analog sticks are in PlayStation, you might be happy to know that you can swap their positions by flipping a switch on the left side of the controller. In addition, fighting game players with a six-sided button configuration can completely disable the right analog stick.

The Pro BFG has a 3.5mm connector and is compatible with the 3D Audio features of the PlayStation 5, so the audio is high quality too. The Victrix Control Hub app is where equalizer profiles are defined and modified, as well as where other buttons (such as the four back buttons) can be assigned to new functions.

Director of Product Development at Victrix, Trevor Lehr, discussed the features of the controller. He said: “When we released the Gambit controller last year, we got a lot of questions about when Victrix would launch a comparable professional controller for PlayStation. The Pro BFG completes the family of Victrix Pro products, which include Pro FS, Pro AF and Gambit. , and takes the highest level of design and customization to a whole new level with wireless and modularity.”

Victrix is ​​taking pre-orders for the Pro BFG website for USD 179.99. We’ll keep you posted as additional details about Victrix’s upcoming products become available.

Via Victrix

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