Viral Apex Legends TikTok Reveals What a VR Game Could Look Like

published: 2022-10-07T23:51:59

Updated: 2022-10-07T23:52:19

In a viral TikTok video, a content creator shared their satirical take on what they believe the Apex Legends experience would be like in virtual reality.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular competitive video games of 2022. It has developed an impressive esports scene, player base and community. The Battle Royal has been positively received and offers fans a high-quality gameplay experience.

As of October 7, the game will not have a virtual reality iteration. But TikToker nicsnite has made a video bringing him into the world of Apex Legends VR.

Apex Legends VR TikTok

In a video, the influencer donned VR goggles and wrist wraps, as if preparing to battle others in Apex Legends VR.

But the video took an unexpected turn after the music from the Isekai anime ‘Sword Art Online’ started playing.

But instead of showing something that may have been seen in Sword Art Online, the video let nicsnite slide across the map over and over again. There’s no gunfight, picking up loot or even allies, just whispers across the screen.

For those who don’t know, sliding is an important mechanism to master in Apex Legends. This allows a character to traverse the map faster, thereby positioning better and also taking better loot. The TikTok video poked fun at this mechanic, denouncing mobility in a VR environment while mocking the expectations of virtual reality.

A viewer reposted the video on the Apex Legends subreddit. Users commented on the content and joked about the video.

“Apex: Knee-slide simulator,” explained one user.

“Not what I had in mind for Apex VR,” adds another user.

While there is no Apex Legends VR free, the game is still progressing and evolving, and they recently released a teaser for the next new map.

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