Warzone 2.0 Players Demand Rainbow Six Siege And PUBG Feature To Fix Game Crashes

Published: 2022-11-26T11:31:31

Updated: 2022-11-26T11:32:08

Warzone 2.0 players called on Infinity Ward to add a simple PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege feature to prevent game crashes and internet problems that punish players.

Warzone 2.0 dropped back on November 16, meaning players have now had ample time to figure out the tweaks and changes Infinity Ward wants to see implemented in the near future.

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From learnable weapon recoil patterns to snipers that can hit opponents in one shot, there are quite a few aspects of the sequel BR that CoD fans will want to change. Another has surfaced in the community as the game crashing and connectivity issues persist.

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In particular, players have called on Infinity Ward to mimic a simple feature of rival shooters and BRs, such as Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG, that allows players to reconnect to the match they were previously in if they disconnect the connection. break.

Warzone 2 players are asking for Rainbox Six Seige style ‘reconnect’ feature

The topic was broached by a player on the game’s subreddit, who said, “I really wish they would add a reconnect feature if your game crashes.

Played some DMZ and Warzone last night and we both suffered from crashes… In PUBG you could rejoin the game after a crash, it would be really nice if you could do this in CoD given how common crashes can be.

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It similarly joins other posts, with players claiming that game crashing makes such a feature even more important.

Another player said in a slightly earlier post: “If you can’t fix a crash, at least give us the option to reconnect in DMZ. This is the sixth time I have lost my max loot because of this.”

A third commented: “Come on bro PUBG released in 2017 and had it from the start and you can’t even implement it after almost 2.5 years of Warzone 1 development? This doesn’t combine well with the crashes people are experiencing, especially in DMZ.”

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At this point, Infinity Ward has not commented on whether Warzone 2.0 or the DMZ mode will get such a feature, but the call for it from the player base is clear.

There’s room for it in the future, especially given the extended lifecycle we’re expecting from Warzone 2.0.

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