Warzone 2 hacker takes to the skies in an unstoppable flying boat

Published: 2022-11-25T03:25:49

Updated: 2022-11-25T03:28:38

Hackers have done it again. Just days after the release of Warzone 2, we already have cheaters flying through the air in vehicles without wings or propellers. This time boats are going up in the air.

Given Warzone’s history with hackers, we all knew it was only a matter of time before we saw similar cheats crop up in the CoD BR sequel. Now, just days after the launch of Warzone 2, we’re already getting replays of some of the most iconic hacks from the original game.

In September 2021, popular Warzone streamer FaZe Kalei joked that she wanted hackers to put “flying cars” into the game. Days later, her request was granted. Hackers were able to control vehicles on the ground and somehow levitate them, giving them free rein over where they maneuvered.

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While this short-lived hack was quickly removed from Verdansk, we saw a recurrence of the hilarious issue when Caldera arrived. Players once again flew through the air, firing at unsuspecting targets below.

Now it seems that the hack has entered the picture again. Barely a week away from the highly anticipated launch of Warzone 2 and we already have boats jumping out of the sea and floating through the air.

Reddit user ‘Co2Scorpick’ was one of the first to come across this revitalized hack in the new BR. During a competition on November 24, they were chased by a magical floating boat with a hacker on board.

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The boat was able to quickly change course, adjust altitude on the fly, sorry for the pun. In an instant, they were able to move themselves, making the boat an almost impossible target to hit for those around.

It’s currently unclear how they managed to bring the iconic vehicle hack to Warzone 2. But it’s definitely now possible for players to soar into the air and surprise everyone else in the lobby.

However, as with the first few cases, don’t expect this insane hack to be around for too long. It’s more than likely that developers at Activision will soon be on the case and want to ground every vehicle for the very near future.

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