Warzone 2 player takes proximity chat trolls to another level by taking down consoles

Published: 2022-12-06T22:23:24

Updated: 2022-12-06T22:23:24

Warzone 2 introduced proximity chat, and one player cleverly used the new feature to take out an enemy without ever firing their weapon.

Proximity chat is nothing short of a mixed bag in Warzone 2. The new feature allows teams to interact with enemies. The community has universally embraced proximity chat with open arms, but results vary.

Some players used the new tool to role-play and create salutary moments, while others faced toxic nonsense.

Dr. Disrespect claimed he was temporarily banned from Warzone 2 due to alleged proximity chat toxicity, and Activision promised to address the toxicity with a new in-game reporting system.

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On a much lighter note, a WZ2 player trolled an opponent by using proximity chat against them.

A Warzone 2 player used proximity chat to start his own Uber service.

Warzone 2 players use proximity chat to their advantage

Warzone 2 streamer and content creator Pork posted a clip of him entering a building and saying “Xbox off” over proximity chat.

Xbox has a voice command feature that turns the system off when you tell it to turn off. And the battle royale sequel supports cross-play, so the streamer could take advantage of an Xbox user while playing on another console.

We’ll never know for sure if it worked, but a player left right after the streamer used the voice command.

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Some players wondered if the hilarious maneuver was legit, but one user replied, “If someone plays the game through some speakers or turns their TV up to a high volume, the console will probably pick it up.”

A second person added: “This might be one of the best clips I’ve seen in a war zone.”

Community members gave the streamer high praise for its creativity, as a third player agreed, “this deserves to go viral, banger video.”

We’re sure to see more hijinks as players discover fun and creative ways to use proximity chat.

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