Warzone 2 players claim LA Thieves’ “Pink 2.0” skin isn’t really pay to win

Published: 2022-12-02T09:50:05

Updated: 2022-12-02T09:50:15

Warzone 2 players are not convinced that the CDL LA Thieves skin, which has been dubbed “Pink 2.0”, is actually as OP as the original.

As it exploded in popularity, Fortnite set the stage for battle royale games to follow as they started introducing character and weapon skins for players to purchase.

Call of Duty has followed that model and, like any other battle royale, argues that cosmetics do not give players a competitive advantage. However, fans wouldn’t agree with that statement given that “pay to win” skins and weapon bundles have been released over the past few years.

Arguably the most controversial of these is the all-black wetsuit skin for the Pink operator. At one point, almost everyone in Warzone used the skin, as you could literally hide in the shadows and get hold of unsuspecting enemies.

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Warzone 2 Players Doubt CDL LA Thieves Skin Is “Pink 2.0”

Well, in Warzone 2.0, they’ve now released the Call of Duty League skins for 2022, and the LA Thieves offering is pretty similar to Pink. However, it does have a huge red LA badge on the chest.

Players have already flocked to buy the bundle, but others remain wary that it’s really as good as the original Pink skin. “I’m not sure how good this is, because of the bright red on both the front and back, plus the fact that the lighting is 100x better,” said one fan.

“Black doesn’t really help much in this game, the lighting is a lot better. It’s almost a hindrance now,” added another. “Not even close to what Pink was in the context of Warzone 1,” another commented.

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Some suggested that ghillie suit skins are actually the most OP considering all the bushes and bushes on the map.

As noted, the skin has already proved popular with players, so much so that it has shot into the top 100 most purchased items on Steam since its release. And while streamers like Aydan believe it’s OP, who knows if it’ll stay there if players don’t trust it as much as the classic Pink look.

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