Warzone 2 players hit disappearing weapon bug that “ruins” matches.

Published: 2023-01-08T12:48:24

Updated: 2023-01-08T12:48:39

A new Warzone 2 issue where dropped weapons and gear disappear has been blasted by players, with many claiming it has “ruined” matches and needs a quick patch.

Warzone 2 has had its fair share of issues since launch, from the bizarre glitch that allowed players to skip the Gulag to crashes when entering certain parts of Al Mazrah and, most recently, an exploit that allows players to hide in walls and attack other players. kill.

Now, some players have encountered an issue where dropped gear and weapons inexplicably disappear, leaving the affected player with their hard-earned loot and possibly a purchased weapon from a Buy Station or Loadout Drop.

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Warzone 2 bug with disappearing weapons

Both happened to a Redditor, who shared their experience in a frustrated post on Jan. 7. The bug occurred towards the finale of his quad’s high kill game and ruined the closing stages of what they claimed was one of their best games on Warzone 2. .

They explained that their gun disappeared shortly after they dropped it, and they were also unable to handle an ammo box. The result was a subsequent elimination.

Other players who populated the Reddit thread also shared their stories of bugs in Warzone 2. Some said they had encountered an identical problem.

“That’s happened to me before. It seems to happen a lot more in intense situations or the closer you get to the last 2 circles,” one user commented.

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Unfortunately, it’s not clear what’s causing the specific issues, so it’s hard to do anything about it at this point. Nor have Raven or Infinity Ward publicly addressed the issues at the time of writing.

The issues join some development decisions that have been criticized by prominent community figures. Recently, creator Swagg criticized the game for “going backwards” compared to Warzone 1 in the final version. We hope players find it moving forward in the near future.

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