Warzone 2 players will see a subtle Verdansk Easter egg hidden on the new operator

Published: 2022-11-28T04:28:42

Updated: 2022-11-28T04:28:55

A subtle return to Verdansk has been discovered in both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, as the Reyes Operator can’t let go of the past.

When Warzone 2 was first announced, developers assured Verdansk would be left behind. With Al Mazrah taking over the spotlight and the original game focusing on Caldera instead, Verdansk would be a thing of the past, never to return.

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However, that hasn’t quite been the case since these initial plans were made public. Since then, we’ve seen Warzone Mobile include the iconic BR map, opening the doors to a possible return for the main series moving forward. Now it seems that even new characters in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are attached to the original location.

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It turns out there’s been a subtle Easter egg hidden on the default Reyes Operator skin since the sequels went live. As Reddit user ‘tiktokalnuke’ revealed, the figure invades with a cutout of the Verdansk map covering his forearm.

Activating the weapon inspection animation will reveal this small portion of a map on his body. By simply flipping it horizontally and lining it up, this player was able to confirm beyond any doubt that this piece fits perfectly over the Verdansk map. It corresponds to the left half of the original Warzone layout.

However, what it’s doing on Reyes right now isn’t quite right. After all, why would an operator invading the new Al Mazrah map need a quick look at Verdansk? What advantage would that possibly have in battle?

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So with that in mind, it’s more than likely that developers just left this texture as a little Easter egg for fans to track down, serving no other purpose. We can certainly speculate from here that we’ll see Reyes invade Verdansk one day, but we’re no closer to learning when that time will come.

For now, Al Mazrah serves as the main BR map in Warzone 2, with no alternatives available. While smaller maps seem to appear on the horizon and Caldera will be accessible again soon, there’s no word yet on when Verdansk will properly return.

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