Warzone Buy Station glitch still breaks games with no fix in sight

One of Warzone’s longest running issues with Buy Stations is still ruining games after years of player complaints with no solution in sight to fix the problem.

Raven Software has introduced fixes to Warzone’s other intractable issues, such as loot spawn on Rebirth and bugs with the social side of the Battle Royale. But the more things change, the more they stay the same.

CoD players have been reeling from the bugged Buy Stations that would regularly disrupt the game for years. While the developers have fixed issues like the bizarre freezing glitch and the like, there is one that has not been resolved to this day.

Veteran fans will be familiar with the groundbreaking bug that makes Buy Stations a one-way ticket if you lie on the floor next to it as it unfolds.

Warzone Buy Station bug strikes again

buying stations in war zone

Warzone Buy Stations are still ruining games years after complaints were raised about the same bug.

Newer Warzone players who may not be used to buying statins will quickly find this problem for themselves.

“Long story short, I went to get a self-revival and a UAV at the Prison Courtyard Buy Station, and this outage happened to me which caused me to go to the Buy Station,” Redditor told ThermiteKing ‘.

The clip was quickly found by seasoned Warzone players who experienced it. It is a danger that is considered part of the game today, but it can still surprise players of all skill levels.

“It’s been a problem for a very long time,” said user ‘PowerCrazedSoul’. “It’s happened to me, idk how many times. it’s inconsistent, so sometimes I forget not to be near the buying station and then the game is ruined.”

Ok so this happened from CODwarzone

This glitch has been popping up since 2020 and it doesn’t look like there will be a permanent fix anytime soon.

While it’s tricky, Warzone players are better off making their purchase than giving Buy Stations all the leeway to avoid guaranteed death.

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