Warzone developers respond to groundbreaking “Corrupted Loadout Data” issue

Warzone developers at Raven Software have responded to an emerging “Corrupted Loadout Data” issue in the Call of Duty Battle Royale, which has seen players disconnect and become more common by the day.

Warzone has been an outright success for Activision since its release in 2020, amassing over 100 million players and merging content from multiple CoD episodes for the first time in the series’ history.

However, it is marred by some pretty serious issues, most notably in the form of cheating and glitches. The first has seen the introduction of RICOCHET anti-cheat in an effort to bring the situation under control.

The latter continues to spiral, with developers struggling to control emerging issues.

Warzone player skydiving over Caldera

Caldera and Warzone Pacific have only exacerbated the BR’s problems.

One of the most egregious and recent is a “Corrupted Loadout Data” issue that disconnects players from servers and forces them to restart Warzone. It surfaced after the Season 2 Reloaded patch, which came out on March 23.

One affected user said, “It puts me in a pre-game lobby and kicks me at the end of the countdown.” What’s worse is that there is no clear fix, with players reporting that modifying classes, operators and even restarting the application hasn’t worked.

Fortunately, Raven gave a fairly quick response, confirming on April 9 that they were investigating.

They tweeted, “We are investigating an issue where players are experiencing ‘corrupted loadout data’. We will update this issue as soon as possible!”

Unfortunately that’s the only update the developers have been able to make any sense, at the time of writing there’s no clear fix. Raven also didn’t provide a timeline for the fix, meaning affected players will have to wait and hope the issue resolves itself.

We can expect Raven to sort it out fairly quickly given the severity of the issue, but with more groundbreaking issues emerging, fans seem to be running out of patience.

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