Warzone Expert TrueGameData Reveals Sleepy Cold War LMG Reigns Season 5

Warzone number-cruncher and YouTuber TrueGameData has revealed a sluggish Cold War LMG that dominates Season 5 despite a mediocre pick rate and lackluster processing stats.

Warzone players are always looking for powerful weapons that fly under the proverbial radar, with the majority of players being led by weapons that are “meta” and used by large swaths of the player base.

However, sometimes a weapon juggernaut can go largely unnoticed, which certainly seems to be the case with the RPD in Season 5.

The Cold War LMG remained untouched in Season 5’s weapons balance, but, as can be the case when tinkering with the weapons stash, it seems more viable than it has been for a while.

TrueGameData Sheds Light On Powerful RPD In Warzone Season 5

That is certainly the opinion of Warzone expert TrueGameData, whose opinion about the battle royale is more than worth listening to.

In its September 9 video, TGD outlined the best long-range meta-guns to use in Warzone’s final weeks.

In addition to well-known weapons such as the Kilo 141, Cooper Carbine and UGM-8 was the RPD. Despite a pick rate of just 0.09%, TGD thinks it is very strong in Caldera right now.

According to the YouTuber, the Cold War LMG gets a 9 out of 10 in Season 5. He said, “It’s kind of an 8 just because of the LMG mobility, but it’s super super accurate, has a good time-to- kill, really good damage range up to 60 meters leading to a really well weighted average time-to-kill.”

Timestamp: 11:30

The only real flaw of the RPD was that it cannot be equipped with a 3-6x Optic, the ideal sight for a weapon that excels at medium to long ranges.

However, it can be meta with appropriate attachments. TGD delved into its specific build later in the video, trying to negate the sluggishness and build on the damage:

  • End of a loop: GRU suppressor
  • Walk: 20.3” Task Force
  • Optics: SUSAT multi-zoom
  • Magazine: 120 round
  • Rear handle: hose wrap

Players will almost certainly need a close-range weapon in their back pocket and for that there is currently no better choice than the PPSh-41 or Armaguerra 43.

With Warzone Season 5 confirmed as the last for Modern Warfare 2, players can expect the RPD to remain that powerful for a while yet.

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