Warzone HDR TikTok gear could replace the Kar98k after season 3 nerfs

This HDR expansion from TikTok made a huge splash in Warzone after the Kar98k saw a significant nerf in Season 3’s Classified Arms update. If you’re looking to get back to collecting one-shot kills soon, this is the one build for you.

It’s no secret that just about every Sniper Rifle saw a nerf in the Season 3 update. Between the damage ranges that drop and certain weapons that completely lose their one-shot potential, fans have had a hard time replacing their old favorites.

Until now, the ZRG has been the most popular new pick, but this HDR will definitely give that Cold War build a run for its money thanks to an almost unrecognizable ADS speed.

TikTok’s Warzone HDR Gear

@mrmarveltv I made the HDR in the Kar98k 🤯 #warzone #rebirthislandwarzone #warzonetips #warzonetutorial #warzoneclasssetup #warzoneloadout #mrmarveltv #fypシ Chanel by Frank Ocean and Nick Leon Atmosphere Remix – Wilfredo Manglapus Jr.

The HDR was a meta-choice for a time in the early days of the game, but as the gameplay got faster, a slower scope-in ​​speed always made it struggle to get back to the top.

It’s still not as fast as the old Kar98k setup, but the difference is minimal when fighting at medium to long range.

TikTok HDR Gear

It is a stripped-down version of the HDR that is currently the most successful.

As you might expect, close range firefights are still the bane of this weapon’s existence, so it’s important to be prepared for it.

That means you should probably use an SMG as your secondary if you want to maximize gear efficiency, but there are plenty of options to keep you safe on that front this season.

There’s still time to shake up the meta before Season 3 Reloaded arrives later this summer, but for now, enjoy unsuspecting foes with one of Warzone’s most reliable weapons.

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