Warzone Pacific Season 3 First Impressions: Caldera in the Best Condition It’s Ever Been

With Warzone Pacific Season 3, Caldera is in its most playable state yet thanks to some crucial changes to the map layout, gameplay systems, and overall balance. But as the CoD Battle Royale moves forward to set the stage for arguably the biggest crossover to date, long-term performance issues still detract from what should be a moment of celebration.

  • Season 3 runs from April 27 – June 22, 2022
  • Season 3 Reloaded expected on May 5
  • Caldera changes, Godzilla & Kong event headline latest update.

Although the spotlight for season 3 is approachingmonsterverse’ crossover with Godzilla and Kongthe last major patch still arrived with a plethora of new content and exciting changes on day one.

In addition to the typical cosmetics crammed into the Battle Pass and beyond the expected balance adjustments, Warzone Season 3 introduced some welcome improvements to the core BR experience.

But while these gameplay tweaks are certainly a step in the right direction, and Activision is finally delivering the large-scale crossovers fans have been asking for for years, none of them is enough to look past major issues that already overwhelm the experience. tormented. long.

Warzone Pacific Season 3 – Key Details

  • Developer: Raven software
  • dates: April 27 – June 22, 2022
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5

Warzone Pacific Season 3 Launch Trailer

Caldera has never been better, although it is still far from perfect

After a season mainly focused on Rebirth, the main map of Warzone came back into the picture for the third major patch of the Pacific era. Immediately upon entering Caldera this season, two major changes become apparent.

First, much of the island’s foliage has been drastically reduced or completely removed. Second, the whole map color palette seems to have changed back to what we saw on Verdansk.

Gone is the incredibly vibrant theme and overbearing sun while a dark greenish hue is now layered over Caldera. These two seemingly minor tweaks may have arrived largely unannounced, but they offer arguably the biggest breath of fresh air Warzone has experienced in months.

As a result, visibility has been vastly improved across the board, making not only assignments less difficult, but also the general course of events. It’s much easier to spot targets in the distance without bushes blocking your view, buying vehicles or balloons to turn around has never been easier, and overall playing through Caldera isn’t the headache it once was.

That’s not to say the map itself is perfect now, but far from it. There are still pacing issues and certain POIs aren’t quite up to date, but the Verdansk replacement is currently in the healthiest spot since arriving five months ago.

Warzone gameplay

Caldera looks and plays better than ever in light of Season 3 adjustments.

Dig Site joins Caldera as an all-new POI in Season 3. Matching the upcoming crossover, this spot on the map is dotted with larger-than-life skeletons of creatures that appear to have once inhabited the island.

While not quite the most popular drop spot in these opening weeks, as many new POIs tend to be on arrival, Dig Site feels like a well-balanced location from the jump. Rather than arriving packed with high-tier loot like a Nakatomi Plaza, this new area simply offers another option as you enter.

With a decent mix of terrain, plenty of loot scattered everywhere, and multiple trails to navigate, it’s a worthy addition to the BR map. One that joins Caldera without any notable issues, which in itself is something to note these days.

Warzone Dig Site POI

Dig Site is a great addition to Caldera in Season 3.

Meanwhile, several existing POIs were shown some love in the Season 3 patch, although not everything has gone as well as the new arrival.

It’s no secret that Peak has long been one of the biggest problems with Caldera’s structure. Given its position in the center of the map, along with its sheer size, dropping at Peak was always a good idea for the hottest start possible. although even with common complaints the past few months, and the developers recognize as a problemSeason 3 even improved the POI.

Instead of reducing, lowering the height, or outright removing the loot in the area as many have requested, Peak got an upgrade in the latest patch. There are now more supply boxes than before and it’s easier to traverse with bonus ramps scattered around the highest point of the map. Of course, Peak still dominates the season. So if you’ve been looking for a more drastic shake-up here, you’ll have to wait and hope Season 4 is more impressive in this regard.

Warzone Season 3 Peak gameplay.

Peak is now better than ever in Season 3… for some reason.

On a smaller note, Season 3 also brought with it another unique Gulag layout. Since I’ve always been in favor of a seasonal rotation for the Gulag, it’s great to see the trend continuing here. But this particular layout is arguably the weakest we’ve seen in the past five months.

Small designs for the Gulag have often been a fan favorite, but even with that in mind, no one has really liked the latest offering. If anything, it’s a little too small for a vast majority of weapons that are run in the 1v1.

With barely any room for maneuver, fights often come down to who fired first, rather than who had the better tactics.

Warzone Gulag Gameplay

The new Gulag leaves a lot to be desired and should be replaced as soon as possible.

As a positive for the season, Warzone’s latest meta is a welcome change of pace. Of snipers in the backseat after weeks of dominate the conversationhave been able to shine new equipment.

SMGs in particular have risen to the top, although not one specific gun has led the attack. Rather, a diverse mix of fully automatic weapons has become viable, as the Owen Gun, Armaguerra 43, and even a Cold War newcomer to the UGR have all seen success of late.

Likewise, ground loot has also been updated in Season 3 and is now the most rewarding it’s ever been in Caldera. With the addition of extras in the loot pool, it’s a really good use of the time to get out of the way now for almost any supply chest. Where previously it was easy to cover up once you had a load of gear in hand, looting is once again an essential part of Warzone’s rhythm this season.

Warzone gameplay

Looting feels essential again in Caldera.

However, despite all the changes and new content mentioned above, it’s still incredibly difficult to really enjoy Warzone. In any case, as a console player, unmanaged performance issues limit just about every aspect of the battle royale experience.

Frame rate, field of view, visual bugs and network latency are just a few of the many factors that come into play. These are nothing new, but have only become more frustrating in recent weeks, especially the last one, becoming a more pronounced problem in this new season. With the player base spread across a wider range of playlists than usual, finding a full lobby on manageable servers is more rare than ever before.

It’s hard to recommend Warzone, therefore, and it’s getting harder and harder to get excited when you launch the outdated Modern Warfare app on PlayStation all this time later.

So while we’ve taken a step forward with Caldera as a whole this season, a handful of questionable design choices and glaring performance issues continue to hold Warzone back.

Operation Monarch on the horizon

With Season 3 in full swing, we’re getting closer and closer to Operation Monarch. months after rumors started to surface and first leaks outlined a crossover like never before in Warzone, it finally comes to fruition in Season 3.

Operation Monarch brings both Godzilla and King Kong to Caldera on a large scale. While crazy cosmetics will surely appease those who still care about their Operator’s appearance, it’s the upcoming temporary mode that should be getting the most attention.

Warzone Operation Monarch Image

Operation Monarch takes center stage in Season 3.

While the arrival of these monsters would have activated much of the community just a few months ago, it seems developers have learned quickly from their past mistakes. Unlike the infamous Krampus disaster as of December, Godzilla and Kong will not affect regular playlists. At least if first reports keep true.

Instead, Operation Monarch supposedly brings a separate mode for the giants to battle it out. So it doesn’t matter how they destroy Caldera or how new gameplay systems disrupt the flow of the BR. All of these features are tied exclusively to a standalone experience.

Fortunately, those who just want to get on with the regular Warzone modes can do that. Professional players and streamers alike won’t have to pull their hair out in frustration for a few weeks as Godzilla’s atomic breath instantly sweeps their teams away in high stakes events.

cod vanguard gozilla and king operator running skins

Warzone players can get their hands on King Kong and Godzilla themed operator skins during Operation Monarch.

We will definitely come back here after getting our hands on the unique Operation Monarch content in the near future. Furthermore, there is much more to discuss as the weeks go by in Season 3.

Although it’s still early days, we’ve already heard a lot about potential Season 3 reloaded additions. If the reports are correct, Caldera could be further improved, audio fixes could finally reach the live servers, and even more content could come in to keep things fresh.

All in all, we have made a solid start as a live service. But in terms of the raw, moment-to-moment gameplay, while select changes are certainly welcome, there’s still a lot to be desired in Warzone Season 3.

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