Warzone players claim Caldera is ‘slowly dying’ after Rebirth Island update

Warzone players have claimed that Caldera is “slowly dying” after the Season 2 Reloaded update, with consistent criticism of the Pacific environment now coupled with newfound affection for Rebirth Reinforced.

It’s now been months since Caldera replaced Verdansk as Warzone’s battle royale environment, trading its Ukrainian-inspired suburbs for a sun-drenched Pacific island of jungles and military bases.

Despite the anticipation that predicted Caldera’s release, many have come to view it as inferior to its predecessor, pointing to Raven’s overall flow and some “confusing” decisions.

That seems to have been confirmed by the Season 2 Reloaded update, which overhauled a number of Rebirth Island POIs to create Rebirth Reinforced, a map now heavily featured on the game’s playlist menu.

Map of Rebirth Island

The Rebirth Island Reinforced event holds many secrets.

Noting these changes and the encouragement players have been given to participate in Rebirth, Redditor WolfHoundJP asked if it proves that Caldera is “slowly dying,” a sentiment some players have expressed in recent weeks.

Attached to the question was an image showing the vast majority of Warzone’s featured playlists encouraging players to head to Rebirth Island, unlike Caldera.

A common response was that Rebirth Island is simply the theme of the recent Rebirth Reinforced event and, with the changed POIs, Raven wants to encourage players to stop by. However, others countered this by asking why the main battle royale map isn’t the focus of content.

Does the current playlist almost confirm that Caldera is dying a slow death? from CODWarzone

Plenty also welcomed the Rebirth focus, criticizing Caldera in the process. One of them said: “I absolutely can’t stand Caldera. I liked the old map better than Rebirth. But something about this new one, I can’t see sh*t. I have a $3k PC and I just can’t see a f**king sh*t. I refuse to play on Caldera and since it came out I’ve spent maybe 2 hours on it. It’s really awful.”

Fortunately, the changes in Rebirth Island have gone down well with the majority of the player base. It means fans dissatisfied with Caldera can still invest their time in Warzone in anticipation of the sequel, which is believed to be out at the end of 2022.

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